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Positive Images - Children with a Visual Impairment

Unicorns, ghosts and dinosaurs!

Stories full of adventure that also explore what it's like to have a visual impairment. Plus a list of information books and useful websites.

Picture Books

Cousins, Lucy - What Can Rabbit See?
A lift the flap book featuring a rabbit who wears glasses.

Hest, Amy - Baby Duck and the Bad Eye Glasses
Baby duck doesn't like her new eye glasses until she realises that they are just like her grandpa's and they help her see much better.

McKinlay, Penny - Bumposaurus
The story of Bumposaurus who is so short sighted that he bumps into lots of trouble and even mistakes his sister's tail for dinner. His grandmother provides the answer to the little dinosaur's problems when she presents him with a pair of glasses.

Moon, Nicola - Lucy's Picture
Lucy decides to make her granddad a picture. Instead of just using brightly coloured paints Lucy uses twigs and feathers, velvet and sand so that her granddad can see it with his fingers.

Strom, Maria Diaz - Rainbow Joe and Me
When Eloise tells her mum that Rainbow Joe can mix colours her mother says that it's impossible because Rainbow Joe cannot see. However the colours Rainbow Joe mixes are the notes he plays on the saxophone.

Wild, Margaret - All the Better to See You With
Katie does not know that she cannot see very well and it is not until she becomes lost on a beach that Katie and her parents realise she is short sighted. With the help of new glasses Katie can see much more clearly and this book shows what an advantage the glasses are.

Beginning to Read

Ryan, Margaret - Robbie and the Alien
Robbie doesn't want to go to school because he is scared that everyone will laugh at his new glasses. However, when he meets KT the Alien her realises what an advantage wearing glasses can be.

Stories for Children

Creech, Sharon - Granny Torelli Makes Soup
Rosie and Bailey are best friends and love spending as much time together as they can, but Bailey goes to a different school because he has a visual impairment. Occasionally Rosie and Bailey fall out over things but Granny Torrelli is usually there to give advice and put things in perspective. She does this by relating the issue to things that have happened to her in the past and does it while cooking Italian food. This is a delightful book that clearly explains the positives and negatives of Bailey's visual impairment, the ups and downs of a close relationship and gives some great tips for Italian recipes. Don't read this while you feel hungry!

Doherty, Berlie - Spellhorn
A fantasy story featuring Laura who sees with her minds eye. She senses a world where the Wild Ones are searching for their lost unicorn. They find the creature with Laura and she becomes drawn into their world.

Forretal, Elaine - Someone Like Me
This is an adventure story set in Australia. Tas is always an outsider at school and when Enya and her family more in next door he thinks that at last he will have a friend. However Enyas family have a secret and this will lead to Tas questioning Enyas loyalty and friendship.

Horgan, Dorothy - Charlies Eye
Charlie, who is at primary school, wears a glass eye which she often uses to her advantage, hiding it in her dads coffee or organising eye diving competitions when she goes swimming. However, when a new boy starts school, he taunts her about her glass eye and she feels bullied. As the story progresses Charlie discovers that bullies sometimes have problems of their own.

Wilde, Nicholas - Into the Dark
When Matthew goes on holiday with this mother he befriends Rory. Little does he know that Rory is a ghost reliving the last days of his life.

Wilson, Jacqueline - Take a Good Look
A story about Mary who is nearly bind. When she visits the sweet shop she becomes involved in a robbery and shows how resourceful she can be.

Information Books

Archer, Eleanor - Judo Champion
This book follows the story of Ian as he goes to a judo competition in Germany.

Church, Diane - Going on a School Trip
A simple information book about Georgia and her fiend Kamilla. Georgia cannot see very well. Whilst the book focuses on the children school trip, strawberry picking, the reader finds out about Georgia everyday life and routines.

Condon, Judith - When it Hard to See
This book covers what everyday life is like as well as biographical information about famous people.

Wescott, Patsy - Living with Blindness
This is quite a detailed book about the causes of blindness and what it is like to have a visual impairment. The book focuses on the lives of three children and one adult, describing their daily routines, attitudes and ambitions.

White, Peter - Think About Being Blind
This book gives lots of information about what it is like to be blind. It also contains historical details and information.

How can I read these books?

You can reserve any of these books through the online library catalogue at: www.birmingham.gov.uk/libcat
All you need is your library ticket number and PIN number. If you don't know your PIN, you can find out by telephoning your local library. You can arrange to pick the book up from the library of your choice.

Useful Websites

Listening Books:www.listening-books.org.uk
A charity which provides a postal audio book service to anyone who has an illness or disability that makes it impossible or difficult to hold a book, turn its pages or read in the usual way.

National Federation of Families with Visually Impaired Children: www.look-uk.org
A 'one stop shop' for families looking for information and support.

CBeebies BBC parents' site: http://www.bbc.co.uk/cbeebies/grownups
Information on Cbeebies web pages suitable for young children with a visual impairment.

Please note: We are not responsible for the content of other organisations' websites.

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