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Black Book Reviews

Books for Children

Title: Tree Shaker: The Story of Nelson Mandela
Author: Bill Keller

Excellent, very well illustrated biography of Nelson Mandela. This book is aimed at older children and offers an accessible introduction to the life of this great man. The book gives children an insight into the history of South Africa and the reasons behind Nelson Mandela's fight as well as charting his personal history and journey from prison to presidency. Great for helping with homework or just for personal interest.

Title: Don't Say Ain't
Author: Irene Smalls

This picture book for older children uses vivid, attractive illustrations to depict 1950s America and the story of African-American children attending the first integrated schools in New York City. The text works well with the illustrations and helps to evoke this period of history for children. An excellent way of making children aware of historical facts without realising they are learning.

Books for Adults - Fiction

Title: A Piece of Cake
Author: Cupcake Brown
Reviewed by: Simone
This book is an eye-opener into the world of drugs and child abuse. However, it is written in a very humorous way, which even though it a very deep and disturbing story you don want to put it down. This book shows how people lives can be transformed with strong willpower.

Title: A Taste of Reality
Author: Kimberla Lawson Roby
Reviewed by: Jacqueline

Anise chooses to make a career of her life, she is a self confessed career addict with a seemingly great marriage. However, things don go so well when she ups the career stakes to climb the corporate ladder. Lies and deceit are on the agenda but she doesn't expect them from her best friend. Anise manages through the face of adversity to wipe the floor with her opponents and still hold her dignity.

Title: 26a
Author: Diana Evans
Reviewed by: Jacqueline

A detailed and heart-felt story of a family consumed with the influence and mysteries of intrinsic, inherent beliefs. Hearts sparked by life-changing decisions, curiosity in a mix of life high and low.

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