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These are all topics we often get asked about in Birmingham Libraries. We'll be adding to the list of subjects so keep coming back to check up on new additions!

Each page has an introduction to the subject and a list of books and journals that we have on the subject. There are also useful web links.

We hope you will find these topics both interesting and challenging.

New!The Staffordshire Hoard

Abortion looks at the law in the UK and USA, gives religious views and some of the pros and cons on this subject.

ASBOs (Anti-Social Behaviour Orders)
Information about the legislation and the responses to it.

Avian Influenza (Bird Flu). Information about the disease Avian or bird flu which is a disease mostly confined to wild birds and domestic poultry.

Blood looks at the fascinating subject of blood. What is it? How do our bodies make use of it? Why donate blood and what is involved?

British Birds and Biodiversity discusses the fluctuating bird population in Britain due to climate change, habitat loss, changes in farming patterns, predation and conservation schemes. Recommended books and web sites.

Capital Punishment includes a look at the law in the UK and the USA, explores the moral issues and contains some quotes about the subject.

Cloning Do you remember Dolly the sheep? Dolly's birth made history in 1996 because she was genetically identical to her mother who had been born six years earlier. Find out more about cloning.

Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) includes a look at what it is, what causes and effects there are and what precautions can be taken to avoid DVT.

Endangered Species includes an overview of the subject, looking at the loss of natural habitat and the effects of pollution and hunting on wildlife.

Euthanasia contains a definition of euthanasia and takes a look at the legal situation in the UK and some other countries.

GM foods includes a look at what GM foods are , the arguments for and against them and if they are safe to eat or not.

The causes and effects of Global warming and some of the initiatives to control it.

Health and Safety At Work looks at the Health and Safety Act and the functions of the Health and Safety Commission and the Health and Safety Executive.

Human Rights includes a brief history of the law. It looks at the Human Rights Act 1988 and lists the sixteen basic rights agreed to in the Act.

The history of Immigration plus the pro-immigration and anti-immigration arguments and future plans.

London Olympics 2012

Aims and timeline of the successful bid for the London Olympics 2012, plus recommended reading and links to useful web sites.

MMR looks at the controversial issue of the combined mumps, measles and rubella vaccination programme.

Mobile Phones and Health includes the health and safety implications of using mobile phones, relating to handsets, masts and using a mobile phone whilst driving.

Smoking and Health includes a brief look at the history of tobacco and discusses the effects on health of smoking cigarettes.

Swine Flu 'H1N1' is a new strain of the same virus that causes the common flu. It is believed to have originated in pigs but there is no definite evidence for this.

War on terrorism 9/11", al Qa'ida and Weapons of Mass Destruction.

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