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Fiction published by Birmingham Libraries


These books are not available for purchase during the move from Birmingham Central Library to the Library of Birmingham.

You can still reserve copies for loan through the online catalogue.

Whispers in the Walls
New Black and Asian Voices from Birmingham
Edited by Leonne Ross and Yvonne Brissett


Here are 17 stories from the pens and hearts of black and Asian writers in Birmingham stories that must be heard; tender whispers of family and rites of passage, harsher whispers of hurt and conflict - the emotions seep into the very walls around us.

A Lone Walk
by Gul Davis

A novella that takes the reader inside our psychiatric institutions for a first-hand account.

'Gul Davis writes powerfully about how identity is changed by fear and trauma. A Lone Walk is an unforgettable journey through the darkness of the mental health system'
Joel Lane

Hard Shoulder
Edited by Jackie Gay and Julia Bell

"To find the most exciting new voices, you have to leave the metropolitan mainstream; regionalism is where it's at these days. For an exiled Brummie living in London ...'Hard Shoulder' was a wonderful surprise: 16 excellent new writers with little in common but a fierce commitment to their home town and the task of faithfully celebrating the lives that unfold in it. The tang of this great city, so under-explored in modern literature, has never been so vividly or diversely conveyed".
Jonathan Coe, New Statesman

Pig Bin
By Michael Richardson

'A very affectionate account of a diffident but artistically gifted Catholic schoolboy suffering the pains of puberty in the English Midlands as World War II draws to a close. Funny and touching by turns, it evokes that time and place with the authenticity of an old family snapshot'.
David Lodge

By Jackie Gay

'Poignant, liberating, wonderfully written, from the visceral intensity of adolescent allegiances to the husband left behind in his green wellies. Birmingham is also evoked in its full glory: whizzing carscape backed by lurid pollution sunsets'.
Annie Murray

Surviving Sting

By Paul McDonald

'With its grotesque but entirely believable characters, vigorous dialogue and gloriously preposterous situations, this savage comic tale zips along. After the Art Gallery, something else Walsall might justifiably brag about'.
Michael Richardson, prize winning author of The Pig Bin

Birmingham Noir

Editors Joel Lane and Steve Bishop

From the industrial heartland comes an anthology of moody urban thrillers. 'Cold, dark and very brutal, Noir gives the mean streets of London and LA a run for their money'
Stella Duffy

The City Trap

John Dalton

In this masterly noir debut John Dalton creates a tense atmosphere of corruption and betrayal in Birmingham's underworld. 'Dirty realism just got dirtier and more real. It's like Derek Raymond lost his way at Hanger Lane and ended up, via the M40, in Birmingham.
Nicholas Royle

Her Majesty

Editors Jackie Gay and Emma Hargrave

This bold, sharp-eyed anthology casts a crystalline light on contemporary lives. Stylish, witty stories from some of the
UK's best women writers are told with an energy that will dazzle and delight. 'Teeming with life and truth and with a rare quality of intimacy that made me feel I'd been admitted to private worlds I'd known nothing about'.
Nell Dunn

Birmingham Nouveau

Edited by Alan Mahar

The ever-changing face of Birmingham is illustrated by 20 stunning photographs and 20 prize-winning stories. A sparkling selection of tales with a decidedly Brummie perspective embodies Birmingham's fresh-found vitality. Nouveau will delight short-story readers, city dwellers and fans (and critics) of the second city.