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Netloan FAQs

More FAQs will be added in response to customer feedback

Why do I have to join the library to use the computers?

When you book and use a computer, the Netloan system checks the library membership database to see if your card is Adult or Child and if it is still valid.

Why do I need a PIN? What is a PIN?

A PIN is a Personal Identification Number. It is an extra security measure to prevent someone else using your card.

Why do I need to show proof of name and address in order to use the computers?

Unfortunately, a few people have tried to use the computers for illegal activities such as sending malicious emails. The City Council is therefore no longer willing to allow people to access the internet anonymously.

I am visiting Birmingham for the day. Can I still use the computers?

Yes, you can use the computers but first you will need to get a Birmingham library card and PIN.

Do I have to ask the staff to book a computer for me?

We recommend that you make the bookings yourself. You can book a new session before you finish your current session. Please note. Computers are closed down 15 minutes before the library closes.

Netloan Computer Booking System