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Internet Jargon

Internet Jargon

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browser - Software that helps you find your way around the Internet.

crash - What happens when your computer stops working!

directory - A huge list of web sites organised into handy categories.

domain name - Part of the URL or address of a web site or e-mail address.

download - To transfer information to your computer.

e-mail - Electronic mail sent from one computer to another.

emoticons - Used to express emotions in e-mail, e.g. a text version of a smile would be :-)

favourites - A list of your favourite web pages.

flame - An angry, aggressive message.

frames - Separate areas on a web site page.

home page - A web site's opening page which gives you information about what can be found at that site.

hyperlink - A word or phrase on a web page, usually underlined, that can turn your mouse pointer into a little hand. Clicking on it will transfer you to somewhere else, either on that page or any other page on the web.

internet - A collection of inter-connected computer networks.

Java - One of the computer languages used to write Internet programs.

JPEG - A type of graphic file.

keyword - A word used to search the Internet through a Search Engine.

modem - A device that links a computer to a telephone line giving access to the Internet.

netiquette - Suggested rules of
Internet etiquette.

online - You are 'online' whenever you are connected to the Internet.

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