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Computers in the Library

New! Book a computer online in advance.
You need your library card and PIN to use the library computers in Central Library.

You can use computers in libraries for all sorts of things for fun or for work. And it's free!

  • Browse the internet
  • Email a friend
  • Type up an essay
  • Create a CV

Do I need to book?

Do you want to:

Come in to the library at a particular time?
Some computers can be booked in advance at a time to suit you. You can book a 60 minute session which will start on the hour. You can book a computer by telephoning or emailing the library you want to use.

Check something quickly?
In Central Library, there are some computers near the entrance which are for people who want to quickly check something online. You do not need to book; just wait for a free computer and sit down. These sessions last for 15 minutes and then you will be logged out. You will still need your library card number to log in.

What can I print?

You can print out documents which you have been working on, such as essays or CVs as well as pages from websites. The cost is 10p per page for printing in black and white and 50p for full colour.

Can I save the work I do?

You can save your work onto CD/disc/memory stick on some computers, but not all at present - please ask staff before you start. Alternatively you can save your work to an email account (such as hotmail) or print it out. You need to do this before the end of the session when the computer logs off. By sending your work as an attachment to your email account, you will be able to work on it again at a later date. If you do not have an email account, ask the library staff to show you how to set one up before you start.

Saving CVs - You can create a CV in the Learning Centre on the first floor of Central Library and save it to hard disc there. You will then be able to go back and update it in the future. You can also save it to a memory stick, CD or floppy disc to take away. You can buy floppy discs for 50p.

What software can I use?

Most libraries have Microsoft Office and Open Office. These include:

  • Word processing (for essays, letters, cvs and so on)
  • Drawing
  • Presentations
  • Calculations/spreadsheets

Can I get help from library staff?

Staff in the library will help you to get started on the computer, but they won't be able to give you detailed training on using the different types of software at the moment. If you need computer training, you could visit the Learning Centre at Central Library.

Have fun!

To find out more, contact your local library.

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