Birmingham City Council

Join our DVD Library

  • Do you enjoy watching films or music DVDs?
  • Need to watch a Shakespeare play for college?
  • Want to find out more about a country you're visiting?
  • Like to try some yoga?
  • Do you want to find out what was in the news in 1968?

You can now join our DVD library whatever age you are
(Remember though, that you will only be able to borrow films that are appropriate for your age group).

How do I borrow DVDs?
All you will need to do is show us proof of your age, such as a medical card or birth certificate, together with your library ticket. You can then borrow up to three DVDs at a time.

How much does it cost?
£2.50 for two days for the most popular new films
£1.50 for seven days for all other DVDs.

(There are also fines on all DVDs that are returned late. This can be up to £1 per day per film).

Where can I find DVDs?
Central Lending on Floor 1 of Central Library
Music Library on Floor 3 of Central Library
Sutton Coldfield Library

How Can Children Join the Library?
How to Join the Library - for young people aged 16-17