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Young Carers' Stories

"Who Cares?" - A Lot Of Young People Do!

This is a list of stories showing what it is like to be a young carer of :-

  • A parent
  • An ill or disabled brother or sister
  • An elderly relative

But it is also for young people who are interested in reading about :-

  • Romance
  • Humorous stories
  • Drama

All of the following books are available from Birmingham Library Services and can be reserved free of charge. You can reserve books on-line through Birmingham Libraries Catalogue

Cole, N - Bring In The Spring
Sarah's life finally changes when Bel, who is helping out on a school placement, recognises Sarah's attempts at communication and proves to Bel that she is not completely brain damaged. Life is not easy for Bel at the moment but, she is determined to help Sarah even if it means going against the school's authority.

Cross, Gillian - Tightrope
Ashley's life at home is difficult as she has sole care of her mother but she has another secret life, as a dare-devil graffiti artist. She sneaks out at night and risks her life to write her pseudonym in beautiful detail, in extraordinary places.

Desai, Anita - Village by the Sea
Set in an Indian village this is the story of a family of four children who have an ill mother and a father with a severe drink problem. They have no other adults to support them and consequently the two oldest children have to support the whole family and forego their own education and youth. The story does have a positive ending.

Fine, A - The Granny Project
Ivan and his brother and sisters cannot believe it when their parents want to put their Grandmother into a home for the elderly. They refuse to allow this to happen and find out what it is like to look after someone else.

Feeny, Josephine - The Day My Parents Ran Away
Sarah's dad has a nervous breakdown. Then, just when he seems to be getting better, he runs away. Her mum sets out to bring him back and Sarah has promised to tell no one they have gone. She is left alone with her two little sisters but how long can she keep the secret?

Fowler, T - The Wind Is Silver
Jennifer's world is turned upside down when the accident happens. Margaret, her older sister, is away in Melbourne so Jennifer takes responsibility for running the family home, a test that she faces with a strength and courage which surprises everyone and alters her life dramatically.

Gavin, J - I Want To Be An Angel
Effie has always had a secret dream of playing an angel, but life is so busy she misses the auditions for the school nativity play. Effie cares for her disabled mum, but to keep the family together she must find help, everything seems to be going against her, then Mum mentions Auntie Janice....

Gleitzman, Morris - Two Weeks With The Queen
Colin's younger brother Luke is dying of cancer and Colin decides to find a doctor who can cure him. Colin moves to England, and during one of his visits to a top London hospital to find a doctor who will help Luke, he befriends a man called Ted, whose friend is dying with Aids.

Laird, E - Oranges in No Man's Land
Ayesha is a young girl living as a refugee in war-torn Beirut. Her grandmother needs medicine which can only be obtained from the wrong side of the green line. Ayesha's adventures show people at their best and worst and that no side is completely right or wrong in this simply told, effective and moving tale.

Laird, E - Red Sky In The Morning
A very moving sensitive story that is both sad and funny. The story tells how Anna comes to terms with her new baby brother Ben who is born with a disability. The characters and situations are so real you are drawn into the story from the very beginning.

Mahy, Margaret - Memory
Johnny still blames himself for his sister's death. He searches for Bonny, who was his sister's best friend. During his search, he meets up with Sophie, an elderly lady who has senile dementia. He is horrified to learn she lives alone, and decides to do something about it.

Moore, Ishbel - Daughter
Fourteen year old Sylvie enjoys fashion, parties, music and is beginning to be interested in boys too, but her mum is starting to behave strangely. Some days she can't even remember her daughter's name and Sylvie's life is turning upside down. A touching teenage novel about a family coping with Alzheimer's disease.

Paul, Bette - Becca's Race
Digby sees life as one big movie. Even when his sister is diagnosed as having Leukaemia and he has to look after his younger brother he cannot help seeing events as a 'scene' in a film he is going to make. However the extra responsibility and his first serious relationship with a girl makes him come back down to earth ... sometimes.

Sallis, S - No Time At All
When Matt and Sam move with their family to a bungalow, Sam, who is in a wheelchair, finds life a lot easier. However the bungalow is not as normal a home as they had expected and they uncover ghostly secrets from the past.

Wilson, Jacqueline - The Illustrated Mum
Many people say that Marigold is a dreadful mother but to Dolphin she is the best and most beautiful mum in the world. She is totally covered in tattoos and has mood swings due to manic depression, so Dolphin and her sister work hard at trying to make her happy.

Wilson, Jacqueline - The Mum-Minder
Sadie's mum is a child-minder who minds three young children. Disaster strikes when Sadie's mum gets the flu. All of the other mums get together to sort out the childcare arrangements; some of them are great fun for Sadie although she often has to take control. She also has her mum to look after, a task she does very willingly and calls herself a 'mum-minder'.

Zindel, Paul - A Begonia For Miss Applebaum
Miss Applebaum is a popular teacher whom Henry and Zelda adore being around. They are horrified to discover she has left the school because she has a terminal illness. All three share a wonderful relationship during the last few months of her life.

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