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Disability Resources in Centre for the Child

The Centre for the Child has a wide range of equipment for children and young people to use within the library. Extended booking times are also available for children with disabilities who wish to use CD-Roms on Centre for the Child's computers. The internet may also be accessed.

Try out our most recent equipment

Centre for the Child has a computer set up for the use of very young children or children with mobility difficulties or other special needs.

The colourful keyboard with extra big keys and the large chunky tracker ball are easier to use for tiny toddlers or for children with limited mobility in their hands.

The computer can also be operated by touching the screen itself making it easier to understand for the very young or for children with learning disabilities.

Visual Impairment and Dyslexia

CleaReader Reading Machine will scan pages of text and read them aloud (or through an earphone set).

Clear View + magnifies the page of a book onto a screen. Can be used in full colour or with black on white or white on black.

Braille, large print and 'big books' The collection of braille books is regularly changed. The selection of large print books includes titles for all ages up to teenage. The 'big books' include popular picture books in an oversize format.

Magnifiers include a circular hand magnifier, bar magnifiers and a hands-free magnifier.

Mobility Aids

Craft equipment includes various types of easy to grip scissors and pencil grips.

Computer equipment All mice can be converted to left hand use.

Adjustable tables and book holders. These include Astor Bannerman tables with electric height adjustment, a height adjustable slope top table, a lap desk with bean bag and table top book holders.

The Rifton Adjustable Frame has an easel-type design for use by people in a body frame. It can also comfortably accommodate a wheelchair.

Deaf and Hard of Hearing

The Minicom system enables deaf and hard of hearing people to contact the library via the telephone system by sending messages to a small screen. Available on telephone number: 0121 303 2714.

Induction Loop A listening aid for deaf and hard of hearing people. Particularly for people with a T switch on their hearing aid.

Contact Us

Centre for the Child is based on the ground floor of Central Library.

Birmingham Libraries welcome children and young people with disabilities to all library events. Please let us know of any ways in which we can make access for you or your child easier.

Tel: 0121 303 2421
Textphone: 0121 303 2714

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