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Philosophy and Religion

Subject Areas Covered

To make it easier to locate material, the library uses the Dewey Decimal Classification system. This groups together subjects using a numbering system. Philosophy and Religion as subjects are found at

100 Philosophy
150 Psychology
200 Religion

The Philosophy section includes all schools and systems. Topics covered include ethics, logic, and the history of Eastern and Western philosophy,

The Religion section includes materials on the world's religions. We have a wide-ranging multi-faith collection. This covers such topics as religious festivals and places of worship. In addition we also have year books, directories of the clergy, such as Crockford's, and publications from the General Synod, Catholic Record Society, and the Huguenot Society.


A full list of journals will be found on the library catalogue.

We also subscribe to a number of religious newspapers

Below you will find links to a selection of web sites for major religions as well as for local places of worship.

Please note We are not responsible for the content of other organisations' websites.

Christian places of worship in Birmingham
Hindu places of worship in Birmingham
Jewish places of worship in Birmingham
Muslim places of worship in Birmingham
Sikh places of worship in Birmingham
Places of worship for Buddhism and minor religions
Web sites for different religions