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Birmingham Stories

Please note that the Birmingham Stories website is currently being updated. The links mentioned below are not currently available. (July 2015)

The Birmingham Stories project is intended to extend an awareness of the diverse histories of the city, in its many voices and cultures, by making research on archive collections available to the public through a series of free downloadable guides and worksheets based on recent research.

Birmingham Stories

Birmingham Stories: From Communities of Interpretation to Communities of Understanding

The living stories told in archives hold an important key to understanding urgent social issues surrounding citizenship and belonging. Engaging with city archives and heritage resources, we can make discoveries about ourselves that allow us to become empowered through a better understanding of social history.

In this context, Birmingham Stories is extending an awareness of the diverse histories of the city in its many voices and cultures, making research on archive collections more available to the public.

Unlocking the experiences in archive and heritage materials, the project has created a series of free online research guides.

Esther Anne Johnson, born 1871 in Birmingham

Birmingham Stories: Talks and Workshops

Throughout 2008, we organized an informative series of talks, discussions, presentations and workshops based in Birmingham community libraries as well as other local venues and spaces.

These informal learning sessions were used to debate current local archive and heritage research, to enhance the history of Birmingham and its many communities.

Birmingham Stories: Faces and Places

The history of a city is an ongoing archive of voices and events. Yet, many stories remain untold and anonymous. If you are able to share vital knowledge of your history, community area, then the project would love to hear from you. Birmingham Stories will feature an online public gallery space, entitled Faces and Places, offering the chance for you to tell your story. Please get in touch with any untold histories that inspire you.

Birmingham Stories worked in partnership between the School of Education, University of Birmingham and Birmingham Libraries.

Dr Andy Green (Research Fellow)
Dr Kevin Searle (Research Associate)

Email: birminghamstories@yahoo.co.uk
Tel: 0121 464 1608

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