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Birmingham 1871

This map shows the wards which made up the parish of Birmingham in 1870. Some public buildings, churches and schools are shown, and some businesses.

The Archives and Heritage Service holds two maps produced by A. H. Biermann, one for 1870 and one for 1871. The map shown is the 1870 version, as the print is clearer, and the wards are indicated by colour-coding; they are not shown on the 1871 map.

However the panel giving the title and date was badly damaged on the 1870 map; the panel from the 1871 edition has been transferred to fill in the space. The street-names and the public buildings are identical on both editions of the map. Some of the businesses listed have disappeared from the 1871 map. Perhaps they had not renewed their subscription.

Birmingham in 1870, cartouche from 1871

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