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Application Guidance Section 12

Section 12: Other Information in Support of your Application

Use the person specification to complete Section 12 as it provides all the relevant information of what is expected from the ideal candidate. It is the basis on which all applications received are measured. It also indicates how the criteria will be assessed, e.g. ‘AF’ = application form, ‘I’ = interview, ‘T’ = test, ‘P’ = presentation. Remember to give examples that demonstrate how you meet the criteria listed in the person specification as evidence of your experience.

When completing this section you can mention any experience gained through work, school, college, at home, in voluntary work, on work experience or through hobbies.

Think about how you can draw upon your skills and experience, and then match these against the criteria set out on the person specification. You should avoid bland statements such as “I have all the skills and abilities mentioned in the person specification” and fully explain how you meet the requirements.

A Curriculum Vitae (CV) can be submitted as your evidence for this section of the application form. It will be used against the person specification for shortlisting purposes so you will need to make sure that it contains sufficient relevant information to assess whether you possess the essential requirements for the vacancy.

Please note if you choose to provide a CV for this section you must complete all other sections on the application form.

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