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Problems paying your Rent

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If you are having a problem paying your rent for whatever reason, contact your local housing team immediately. Staff will be able to help you sort out your rent problem and give you advice on who to contact for further debt advice if you need it.

By acting quickly, you are showing a commitment to paying your rent and the legal action the Housing Department has to take to collect arrears may not be needed.

There is an independent Debt Advice Team for council tenants. They can help you by:

  • making sure you are getting all the welfare benefits you are entitled to
  • providing budgeting advice
  • preparing a full debt repayment plan
  • talking to people to whom you owe money.

In addition to calling your local housing team you can get more information from the debt advice line on 0121 303 2087.

If you would like independent debt advice you can also contact the Citizens' Advice Bureau.

Reminder letters are automatically sent to tenants as soon as a rent is more than two weeks in arrears. If payment is not made and there is no response from the tenant, a Notice Seeking Possession of the property is then sent. It is important to resolve any problems at this stage as the Notice Seeking Possession is the first stage of the legal process. If payment is still not made further action may be taken (see How the council deals with bad payers).

If you receive a Notice Seeking Possession, please contact us immediately on 0121 675 2006.

Tenants on low incomes may be entitled to Housing Benefit. Your local housing team or Customer Service Centre can help you apply for this.

Find out how to get help if you have been affected by a loan shark.

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