Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

City Council

Leader of the Council:

Councillor John Clancy

Deputy Leader of the Council:

Councillor Ian Ward


Meets at 2.00pm in the Council House on the following Tuesdays:-

To comply with the law and regulations relating to confidential and exempt information part of the meeting may be conducted in Private.

2016 Dates

14 June, 12 July, 13 September, 1 November, 6 December.

2017 Dates

10 January, 7 February, 28 February, 4 April and 23 May (Annual General Meeting - 4.00pm).

Committee Manager: Phil Wright

Tel No: 0121 675 0216

Email: phil.wright@birmingham.gov.uk


The City Council with responsibility for approving or adopting the Council annual Budget and the plans or strategies included within the Council's "policy framework" and receiving reports from Overview and Scrutiny Committees.

An Executive comprising the Leader and a Cabinet of 9 Members. The Executive is responsible for all functions except those reserved to the full Council, non Executive functions delegated to Regulatory Committees or the Council Business Management Committee, the Overview and Scrutiny function and the statutory functions of the Standards Committee. Executive Decisions will be made by the Cabinet, Chief Officers in consultation with Cabinet Members, District Committees and Ward Forums.

District Committees and Ward Forums providing representation and decision making at local level and with responsibility for carrying out Executive functions delegated to them by the Executive.

Overview and Scrutiny Committees responsible for scrutinising and reviewing the policies and performance of the Executive and the Council as a whole. They are structured to cover every aspect of the City Council's work. The Health and Social Care Committee also oversees health issues and looks at the work of the NHS in Birmingham and across the West Midlands.

Regulatory Committees comprise of audit, licensing and public protection, planning, standards and trusts and charities.

Council Business Management Committee responsible for planning meetings of the whole Council and other matters that are appropriately dealt with on a 'whole Council' basis or which have been decided are Non Executive functions.

Audit Committee responsible for providing independent assurance to the Council on the effectiveness of the risk management framework and associated financial and other controls for advising on and/or reviewing the effectiveness of other matters referred to it by the Executive, Overview & Scrutiny and Regulatory Committees.

Standards Committee responsible for promoting high standards of governance, advising on and monitoring the operation of Birmingham's Code of Conduct for Members, including determining, reviewing and hearing complaints against elected and co-opted members of the Council for breaches of the Code.

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