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The STaR Service - support and time to recover from mental health difficulties

What is the STaR Service?

The STaR Service stands for ‘support, time and recovery’. We work with people with mental health difficulties to:

  • help them achieve their full potential by taking part in activities
  • have more choice and control over the way they receive support.

How can I get the STaR Service?

The STaR Service is available to people with mental health difficulties who live in Birmingham.

If you have mental health difficulties and you would like support from the STaR Service, a social care worker needs to carry out a social care assessment with you. You can ask for an assessment by phoning your nearest mental health social work team:

  • South Birmingham on 0121 678 2830

  • East and North Birmingham on 0121 685 7832

  • Central Birmingham on 0121 685 7628.

What does the STaR Service offer me?

Our STaR Service gives you the opportunity to explore your own aims and plans with experienced and skilled workers, who will help you deal with your mental health difficulties.

Individual support

We can help you:

  • work out what your aims and interests are
  • develop an action plan
  • get involved in new activities and
  • think about the progress you are making.

To find out more about how the STaR Service can give you individual support, see the video 'Simon’s Story' on You Tube.

Group support

We can help you:

  • take part in group work which can help you build up your confidence and self esteem
  • develop your own support group and
  • work with volunteers to run drop-in sessions and groups for other people with mental health difficulties.

More information and contact details

For more information about the STaR Service, please contact us.

Support, Time and Recovery Team
Main Street Resource Centre
86 Main Street
B11 1RS

Phone: 0121 773 2922

Email: StarService@birmingham.gov.uk

Our service is available Monday to Thursday from 8.45am to 5.15pm, and Friday from 8.45am to 4.15pm.

Other websites

'Simon’s Story' on You Tube

Dan’s Story - a video on You Tube about Direct Payments


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