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Welcome to birmingham.gov.uk

Developing our Intelligent Transport Systems Strategy

What are Intelligent Transport Systems?

An Intelligent Transport System (ITS) is the integration of information and communications technology with transport infrastructure, vehicles and users. It enables information to be collected and shared in order to help people to make more informed travel choices, improve journeys and helps to reduce the impact of transport on the environment.

ITS incorporate a range of technologies from basic in-vehicle satellite navigation systems (SatNav) right through to traffic lights.

Why we need ITS
Transport issues such as mobility, accessibility and congestion are acknowledged problems in many cities, including Birmingham. In the past the answer has been to build more roads. This is no longer acceptable - and in Birmingham, where space is at a premium and land is expensive, it is not really possible. ITS offers opportunities to manage travel demand and can help reduce the need for new infrastructure.

New communications technologies offer real solutions to improving transport and information making travel in and around the city a more pleasant and safer experience for the people of Birmingham and its visitors.

Benefits of ITS

There are many benefits to implementing ITS, which include:
  • improved safety responding to incidents and sharing information about transport problems as well as reducing fear of crime and improving security,
  • protecting the environment by improving the efficiency of existing transport infrastructure and helping to reduce traffic growth, and
  • improving partnerships by facilitating better co-operation with other authorities including the police and sharing information.
Birmingham's ITS policy

Our strategy sets out seven areas where ITS applications can play an important role for transport and travellers in Birmingham:

  • improving traffic flow,
  • improving road safety,
  • improving traveller information,
  • improving public transport,
  • improving freight efficiency, and
  • improving the environment.

Urban Traffic Management and Control (UTMC)
UTMC will be key to improving ITS in Birmingham. It will be the catalyst for enabling Birmingham to better integrate with the systems of the Police, the Highways Agency, and public transport operators in order to make sharing and providing information much easier.

Framework for change
We have already invested considerably in ITS, and more will be gradually invested in the future. As they are phased in, all projects will meet Urban Traffic Management Control standards. By upgrading to UTMC we can all reap the benefits of integration. Together with the six other West Midlands Districts, Birmingham has submitted a joint bid to the Department for Transport for 6 million to fund the development of the UTMC.