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Birmingham offers anglers the opportunity to fish in 14 of our sites across the city. You can find details of the pools available for fishing in the essential service information below, along with details of charges and the rules that you will need to follow.

Please note that you cannot fish at our sites unless you hold a valid Environmental Agency Licence which you can buy from the Post Office or online.

You can purchase a day ticket from a Park Ranger at the pool or Visitor Centres. Season Tickets can be purchased from Edgbaston Reservoir and Sutton Park Visitor Centre.

Most of our sites have a close season from 15th March to 15th June each year. However, four of our sites are pleased to offer year-round fishing, these are:

  • Fox Hollies Park
  • Pype Hayes Park
  • Salford Park
  • Shenley Pool,Weoley Castle

In addition to our daily peg charges, we offer season tickets which allow unlimited fishing on identified park pools for a 12 month period. Details of the charges for these are available in the essential service information below. You can buy a season ticket by pressing the Apply for a fishing season ticket button above.

Essential Information
  • You must have a valid Environment Agency Rod Licence.


    1. Live fish, frogs or other vertebrate animals shall not be impaled on hooks and used as bait.

    2. In the event of a hook being swallowed by a fish or becoming lodged behind the gill arch, the fish should be killed humanely before attempting to remove the hook. The line is not to be cut so the fish may be returned to the water with the hook still in it.

    3. So as to avoid excessive playing time, or a fish breaking the line and escaping with the hook still in it, the line strength is to be carefully chosen on the basis of the recommendations made in the Medway Report.

    4. When a gag is required to open the jaws of a predatory fish with dangerous teeth, it is to be of a size appropriate for the fish and it shall not have sharp points.

    5. Lead shot is not to be used.

    6. Line and other fishing requisites are not to be abandoned. Anglers are encouraged to use barbless hooks.

    7. Multiple hooks are not to be used. Single hooks are to be of the Micro barbed variety. Anglers are encouraged to use barbless hooks.

    8. Keep nets are required to be knotless, properly sited and emptied without undue delay. Anglers are asked not to use keep nets in very hot weather.

    9. FISH ARE TO BE HANDLED WITH EXTREME CARE so as not to remove their protective mucus or damage their scales. They are to be exposed to the air for the SHORTEST possible period and they are not to be hung up for display, for photography, to be weighed (except for competition purposes) or for any other purpose.

    10. Night fishing is not allowed and the erection of tents, hides and similar structures are prohibited under Birmingham City Council bye-laws.

  • The current charges are:

    Day ticket Adult: £10.00

    Junior and concessionary/Passport to Leisure: £5.00

    Season ticket (all parks): £85.00

    Matches must be booked in advance via the use of parks form.

    These charges increase annually on 1 April.

  • 14 of our parks have pools where fishing is allowed.

    • Brookvale Park. - George Road, Erdington
    • Cannon Hill Park - Russell Road, Moseley
    • Edgbaston Reservoir - Reservoir Road, Edgbaston
    • Fox Hollies Park* - Pool Farm Road, Acocks Green
    • Lifford Reservoir - Tunnel Lane, Hall Green
    • Manor Farm Park - Bristol Road South, Northfield
    • Norman Chamberlain Playing Fields - Pithall Road, Shard End
    • Perry Park - Walsall Road, Perry Barr
    • Pype Hayes Park* - Chester Road, Erdington
    • Salford Park* - Lichfield Road, Aston
    • Shenley Pool* - Shenley Fields Road, Weoley Castle
    • Trittiford Mill Pool - Priory Road, Billesley
    • Ward End Park - Washwood Heath Road, Washwood Heath

    Sutton Park National Nature Reserve - only 4 pools can be fished: Blackroot, Bracebridge, Powells and Keepers Pool. There are no fishing areas on parts of these - please contact Sutton Park Visitor Centre for further information.

    All sites will retain an annual Close Season from 15 March to 15 June inclusive other than those marked with an asterix*, which are open all year round.

    Please note that fishing is no longer allowed at Witton Lake.

Frequently Asked Questions
    • You need to apply using a Use of Parks form. Your application should be made at least 12 weeks before you want to hold the match so that we have time to consult with all interested parties and ensure that health and safety requirements are met.

    • The following byelaws concern fishing in parks.

      • A person shall not, in any part of the park, take, injure or destroy any animal or bird, or spread or use any net, or set or use any snare or other engine, instrument or means for the taking, injury or destruction of any animal or bird.
      • A person shall not take any fish in any lake in a park.
      • A person shall not willfully injure or destroy, or disturb any fish in any lake in a park Except where permission is granted to a person to fish and then the above rules apply.

      Other site specific rules may apply please follow any signage displayed at sites.

    • If you haven't been able to find the information that you need then the link below will take you to a form that you can use to ask us further questions.

      Service Specific Enquiry
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