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Economic Inclusion

The West Midlands economy is influenced by a complex range of related issues and driven by business, place and people; plus the need to provide a powerful voice for the region.

Economic inclusion is important to supporting a healthy and dynamic business base, improving the places for business and people to thrive and developing opportunities for people to create wealth and employment.

What we mean by economic inclusion

Economic Inclusion is the term used to describe policies, programmes and interventions targeted at groups of people or places which are not fully able to participate in economic life either as a consumer, producer or both. It is not just about being in employment – people can be excluded from other elements of the economy such as access to financial services; many people are in and out of employment on a regular basis.

Our role in economic inclusion

We currently chair the West Midlands Economic Inclusion Panel which pulls together the public, private and voluntary sectors to find new and innovative solutions to high levels of worklessness and drive the Economic Inclusion agenda in the region.

We aim to do this in two main ways: Firstly, our strategic leadership role; that is providing direction on economic inclusion and working with partners; and secondly the use of our resources.