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Complaints | Birmingham City Council


We welcome your feedback on our services. Your experiences can help us improve what we do, so thank you for sharing that knowledge.

We aim to do our best but recognise that sometimes things do go wrong. So, this is our procedure to try and get things back on track for you.

Informal resolution

If this is the first time you are letting us know about an issue, it may be quicker to contact the relevant service area directly via the contact us forms If they can’t resolve the issue or you are unhappy with how it’s been dealt with, it will be logged as a formal complaint by the member of staff you’ve contacted, and they will let you know that it’s been passed to our complaints team. It will then follow the formal complaint procedure below.

Formal complaint

You may have an ongoing issue with a service which we couldn’t resolve informally, or simply prefer to make a formal complaint.

If the formal stage, the complaints team will aim to contact you and try and resolve the complaint within 48 hours of them receiving it. More complex complaints may need further investigation, in which case we will let you know, and you will receive a response within 15 days.

If you are unhappy with the decision you have received, you can ask for it to be reviewed. Information on the reviews process and possible escalation to an Ombudsman will be provided to you at this stage and is also in our Comments, Compliments and Complaints Policy.

How to make a complaint

  • You can write to us at: BCC, Complaints, Contact us PO Box 16616, BIRMINGHAM B2 2HN
  • Make a complaint online:

If your complaint does not relate to a location, click on Next at the bottom of the map to proceed with the form.

If it does, please identify the location either by clicking on the map or using the Find Location search. You can search by street name, area or postcode. It is important to identify the location when raising issues about parks, roads, pavements and street lighting, this will help us to fully investigate the issues raised.

Make a complaint

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