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Our Gill Glover Retires After 52 Years’ Service!

Published: Monday, 26th September 2016

Gill Glover

On Friday 23rd September 2016, a dedicated member of our Shenley Academy cleaning team, Gill Glover signed-out for one last time, to enjoy her retirement after an astonishing 52 years service.

Present and previous school staff were there to say thank-you and goodbye.

The retirement event commenced with the newly appointed Principal Lucy Monk talking about when she first met Gill – when she came in during this year’s summer clean. Lucy was given a warm welcome and an explanation by Gill of ‘how it all works’ at Shenley.

Paula Barker, Head of English has worked with Gill since 1989 and discussed her happy memories. During one summer recess, Gill organised some decorating of the school and had bought the paint herself – she even arranged for her husband to come in and paint an area for her! This was one of many demonstrations of how much Gill cared for and was an integral part of the school. Numerous stories followed of how Gill frequently demonstrated her knowledge of the school and her kindness, generosity, and willingness to act on any support or requests as required by the Shenley team.

Other guests included Dave Firman, previous Head Teacher at the school. His stories included how back in the day he would call out Gill’s name to help instil and retain discipline at the school – she had such an authority and respect amongst the students that they would shudder in fear of the thought of being on the wrong side of Gill! He went on to explain that they we all so respectful to Gill it was seen as sin to get on the wrong side and to not oblige – she is genuinely seen as one of their own by all the children.

Keith Brown, Cityserve’s Group Client Manager for Shenley Academy presented Gill with her long service Cityserve retirement certificate and she proudly displayed it to all her work colleagues and staff from the school.

Thanks Gill, for your decades of support and loyalty. We all hope you have a wonderful and deserved retirement and we’ll miss you.