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Education Catering

Cityserve Direct

All inclusive fully staffed and serviced catering with NO hidden or surprise costs

Cityserve Direct does all of the work for you, leaving you to focus on education. We understand that not every school has the same requirements so we’ll work with you individually to deliver an all-inclusive service, bespoke to your school.

Our aim is to make your job and your life much easier by providing the following services:

  • Buyers - Club – We spend more than £10 million a year on food, giving you access to our substantial discounted buying power.
  • Menu and Recipe Development – we provide ‘off-the-shelf’ bi-annual or bespoke school food compliant menus which our created in collaboration with students.
  • Legislation – we ensure that all aspects of the service are legally compliant
  • Cityserve Pay – a cashless payment and pre-ordering system exclusive to Cityserve Schools
  • Saffron – an inclusive catering management software solution
  • Learning and Development – we deliver in-house industry-specific legislative and compliance training, including EHO guidance.
  • Service Optimisation – we conduct formal reviews and benchmarking of existing service provision: skills audits, food presentation and quality, resourcing optimisation and management, meals uptake and business planning.
  • Marketing and Branding – we will help develop contemporary branding, using our stylish ‘CityKitchen’ livery which can be made bespoke to your service.
  • Financial Management – we can access and facilitate the latest software to enable you to understand your catering business.
  • Recruitment and HR – we have an extensive HR advice provision and can help with all aspects of recruitment and performance management.

Let us take a load off your plate