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Colleague of the Month – Sherene Powell

Published: Monday, 4th July 2016

Colleague of the month

Congratulations to Sherene Powell, our Catering Supervisor at Heathfield Primary School as the latest Cityserve Employee of the Month.

Here’s what Head Teacher, Nigel Oram says about Sherene:

“It is my pleasure to write this supporting statement for Sherene Powell and I have no hesitation in doing so. I have known Sherene for almost 3 years, and in this period she has become an indispensable asset to the Prince Albert Community Trust. Her principle role is that of the kitchen manager for Heathfield Primary. This role entails preparing over 300 meals each day for both staff and pupils. Such is the quality of the food that is prepared and delivered, that in 2015 she was asked by a local school to take on the responsibility for preparing the meals for their pupils. Recently she has also be asked to support our sister school Prince Albert in regards to the effective management and leadership of their kitchen, leading to an improvement in their stands.

I have often spoken to Sherene about her potentially and the need to seek opportunities for further development and promotion. She is able to prioritise effectively, problem solve creatively, all encompassed in an attitude that things will be done correctly and to the highest of standards. I believe Cityserve have a real asset in Sherene that they have yet to fully realise and utilise.

She leads a dedicated and for most part harmonious team, her leadership style is unique, and embodying some of the features of both the carrot and the preverbal stick. However, what is never at question is the quality of food and service provided to both pupils and staff. In her eyes the customer is always right.”

Well done Sherene thoroughly deserved recognised!