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CityKitchen LIVE! Welcomes Elms Farm Primary School

Published: Tuesday, 12th July 2016


On Thursday 30th June 2016 we welcomed the students from Elms Farm Primary School into our brand new development kitchen at our HQ in Birmingham Science Park.

We had the pleasure of meeting Adam, Jade, Mason, Sienna, Dania, Amber, Cameron and Nathan from the Student Council Year 5. The group was chaperoned by Shirley Lear  who is a teaching assistant and Wendie Goodwin who is a Teaching Assistant / Learning Mentor.

This is one of many development groups we have welcomed to our innovation centre and we were delighted to talk to them about our food and provenance whilst seeking ideas for future school menus.

Our Executive Development Chef, Wayne Edge welcomed the team and introduced them to a range of fresh vegetables and fruit all which are locally sourced. We looked at raspberries and how you can find them in country lanes, how to pick them and the importance of washing them, and Parsnips and how we can ‘hide’ them in recipes and in particular – healthy muffins!

Chefs’ Lisa and Wayne supervised the children in making their own pizza – in particular Chef Wayne was keen for the children to try all the vegetables that they don’t like and put it on their own creation. The eager learners then went off to eat their pizza in the boardroom. Adam said loved his with the vegetables he didn’t like; he loved it so much that he wanted Chef Wayne to try it. Adam said that he had changed from wanting to be a train driver to been a Chef now!

On return Chef Wayne and Lisa supervised the creation of knickerbocker glories where each child chopped their own fruits, whisked the ice cream and created their own desserts .

Finally they had a go at writing their own menus of what they would like on their menu which consisted mainly of pizza.

A very well behaved group of ambassadors; a true credit to Elms Farm Primary School