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Have you had the City Kitchen Makeover yet? 12 More Updates in January…..

Published: Wednesday, 11th January 2017


This is how Audley Primary School now looks

Following substantial research into how students want their facilities to look and feel, in 2016 we launched the ‘City Kitchen’ concept and brand, which is currently being rolled out to all Cityserve partner schools.  We are delighted to have passed the 100th school upgrade mark – updates have been as simple as menu-boards, or as comprehensive as wrap-around livery, clocks and pictures!

Fusing contemporary with chic whilst ‘doing exactly what it says on the tin’, we are extremely proud of our range of branding and livery and we work with schools to develop the right look and feel to suit the existing ambience.  We can  happy to incorporate the school name into the overall design.

In addition to our contemporary ‘City Kitchen’ branding and livery we can also complement each school’s style and aspirations – for example we can install food station livery; frames to highlight the daily / weekly menu and wall decorations that show food combinations as a dining room feature. Our pledge is to not dictate – but to work with each school to agree the layout of each dining area.

If your school hasn’t had the City Kitchen makeover yet, don’t worry – we’re on our way.  If you’d like to be pushed up the queue – please speak with your Client Manager!

Blakenhale School: