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Dame Elizabeth Cadbury Students Develop School Menus!

Published: Wednesday, 22nd March 2017

Dame Elizabeth Cadbury

At Cityserve we ask students what they want to eat, and we make it School Food Plan compliant!

On the 8th and 9th March, we welcomed the senior school students from Dame Elizabeth Cadbury Technology College to our flagship and unique food development centre – CityKitchen Live!

Chef’s Spike and Ian demonstrated to the students the different stages of making pasta. Starting with making the dough, to kneading and resting then rolling out through the pasta machines and cutting out the circles ready for to be filled with a gorgeous mixture of spinach and feta cheese.  They were encouraged to taste the uncooked and cooked feta to appreciate the different taste and texture of the cheese.

After filling the pasta circles we demonstrated to the students how to make the tortellini shape.



The pasta was then cooked and served in a rich tomato sauce along with tossed mixed salad and garlic bread.

Lunch was enjoyed in the boardroom, while discussing favourite healthy foods that the students would like to see on their school lunch menu. Tortellini was  the outright winner!

After lunch we discussed the importance of water in our diets and the astonishing amount of sugar contained in our favourite fizzy drinks. The team also advised the students about the traffic light labelling system on our food and drinks.

To finish off a great visit, dessert was a student-made sundae filled with lots of fresh fruits and oats!