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Helping the Homeless – after the ‘Birmingham Bomb’

Published: Wednesday, 17th May 2017

Helping the homeless

Following the discovery of the Birmingham WWII Bomb the Birmingham City Council resilience team called upon Cityserve to join the emergency services to help feed the families that were evacuated.

Over two days, our emergency team prepared hundreds of meals for residents and emergency support staff.

You may have heard the controlled explosion at 3.30pm on Tuesday 16th May….. Whilst leaving a bit of mess to clear up, the area was made safe and people gradually started making their way home.

So – what to do with the 150 hot meals ready on standby in case the detonation was unsuccessful?

We were delighted to deliver and donate this food to the Salvation Army – William Booth Centre, which was used that night as shelter for the homeless.  So – no food was wasted, and the following contribution was made:

100 x jacket potatoes
50 x portions of keema curry
50 x portion of chilli con carne
50 x portions of baked beans
50 x portions of coleslaw
100 x portions of iced sponge & custard
Jacket potato fillings: Cheese, tuna