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Employee of the Year goes to Eilis White

Published: Thursday, 26th October 2017

Employee of the year

Congratulations to Eilis White who won the Cityserve Employee of the Year! 2017

Eilis is a young rising star who in time will in time be a fantastic ambassador of The Cityserve Catering business.

She has worked long and hard in our first catering contract award /renewal since the beginning of the new Cityserve, Dame Elizabeth Cadbury. Sales have doubled since taking the role of Catering

Supervisor and her drive and enthusiasm for new and exciting ideas to drive the business forward is boundless.

Here is what her colleagues wish to say about her: We would love to nominate Eilis , we would love to show her how much we think of her and thank her for being such a lovely supervisor and giving us a fantastic working place. We thoroughly enjoy coming into work since she came. We all think she deserves it!

Eilis takes all the challenges I throw at her in her stride and is developing into a trusted pair of hands, who understands me and the standards I set and want to maintain.

Eilis has supported the school (and me) brilliantly since I took up the Headship in September 2016. I wanted to change the menus; expand the choice and give the children opportunities to sample a greater range of tastes and textures and Eilis was enthusiastic. She is open to anything and has undertaken this considerable change without being fazed at all. It has been very successful.

Eilis’s kitchen seems a happy and hardworking place and she runs it efficiently and effectively.

Head Teacher

Dame Elizabeth Cadbury School