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Do your students bring in packed lunches?

Published: Thursday, 9th January 2020

Do your students bring in packed lunches?

Do you have to spend time monitoring what’s in the lunchboxes?

We are aware that packed lunches from home do not always meet the nutritional needs that children require to focus at School, so for the same price as a hot meal, your students will be able to have a ‘Picnic Option’ at School, and can chose what they have every day.

The Picnic Option includes:

  • Sandwich, wrap or pasta pot
  • Salad Snack
  • Dessert or fruit portion
  • Juice or water

Providing the Picnic Option has worked well at our other schools; increasing uptake and decreasing lunches from home, giving you piece of mind about what your students are eating. The full content of the Picnic Option meets the School Food Standards and is tasty and nutritious.

Benefits of your child having a lunch at School:

  • Teaches your child about good nutrition
  • Encourages healthy eating from a young age
  • A School meal helps with attainment and development
  • Eating together helps develop lifelong social skills

By everyone having a School lunch hot or cold, allergens are easily monitored as there are no external foods brought in from home.  We will work with you and your students at your School to develop a menu inclusive of both hot and cold options that suit the tastes of your students and meet the School Food Standards.

Speak to us today about setting up and promoting the ‘Picnic Option’ at your School.

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