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Newsletter - September 2019

Published: Wednesday, 4th September 2019

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Welcome Back! We hope you had a wonderful summer and well-earned rest. We’re kicking off the year with a few updates and looking forward to working with you over the coming term.

Sugar update

This time last year we launched ambitious plans to reduce the amount of sugar stocked by our schools by 30% per child.

The plans involved limiting the use of sugars and honey in recipes and using reduced sugar products, such as cake mixes, baked beans and desserts, as well as creating new recipes that use less sugar, using no-added sugar products and limiting the use of condiments such as tomato ketchup and salad cream.

A year on, we’ve crunched the numbers and we are a third of the way to our target, having reduced sugar in our schools by 11.2% - taking the amount of sugar from 27,873kg in January to July 2018 down to 24,748kg for the period January to July 2019. Our work is continuing on this and we’ll update you as we reduce sugar stocked by schools even further.

What’s coming up for Cityserve?

Our theme days are a huge hit and we’ve got plenty planned for 2019/2020.
The benefits of running theme days include:-

  • Encouraging kids to try new foods
  • Giving the children something a bit different and a little treat
  • Adding a social element to school meals
  • Increasing meal uptake in schools, helping more students benefit from a healthy lunch.

The theme day packs have already been sent out and we’re looking forward to seeing the photos.

Don’t forget… last year we introduced several new features to our service...

Cityserve Pay - As a Cityserve school, you can take advantage of our exclusive cashless payment and pre-ordering system. Powered by FCA-regulated cashless payments provider sQuid, Cityserve Pay has been exclusively licensed for use by Cityserve.

The system uses sQuid Dinner Money, which simplifies meal management, and sQuid SchoolPay, which manages trips, clubs, parent communication and school-related bookings. It means there’s no cash-handling when it comes to paying for school meals, making it appealing for parents, while the efficiency it brings can save schools up to £5,000 a year in costs.

Cityserve Select - This service is aimed at schools that want to take their catering in-house. Cityserve Select allows schools to benefit from professional mentoring, advice and hands-on support without taking the full Cityserve Direct managed catering service. It gives in-house schools access to Cityserve’s food purchasing, menu and recipe development, as well as advice on legislation, site assessments, audits and much more. There’s no contract or minimum sign up time – making Cityserve Select your fully flexible and easy option.

Are you interested in what Cityserve can do for you? Contact us today to discuss your needs.