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Special Recognition Award goes to the CityKitchen Team

Published: Friday, 28th September 2018

CityKitchen team

Congratulations to the CityKitchen team who received the Special Recognition Award for June.

Kevin Collett, Client Manager commented, “The team did me proud at the first BBQ of the summer held on my patch.  At Minworth School they really gelled with the ethos of the school and every child and member of staff really enjoyed themselves.  This was proven when the head teacher ran across the playground to stop a pupil ringing the bell to end lunch.”

Headteacher Matt Sadler wrote “Best lunchtime ever! Is the only way our children could describe today's BBQ and I whole-heartedly agree with them. CityKitchen did a fantastic job in ensuring that the BBQ ran smoothly, with children and staff alike thoroughly enjoying the excellent food on offer and the opportunity to eat it outdoors. Of course the weather helped but the real success of the event was down to the commitment and dedication of the CityKitchen staff and the excellent rapport they had with our children. As a school we always strive to ensure children go home saying positive things; this afternoon, our summer BBQ has ensured they'll be doing just that!”

We would like to thank CityKitchen for their continued hard work and enthusiasm when engaging with the students.