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St Catherine’s of Sienna visit CityKitchen Live!

Published: Friday, 25th May 2018


Twelve pupils across KS 2 from Year 3 to 5 (School Council representatives and Head Boy and Girl) from St Catherine’s of Sienna joined us at Cityserve for a CityKitchen Live engagement.

It was great to hear from the kids following their visit;

Harry, “I now know how to create different types of food and it was easy to understand.”

Siena, “I tried different foods that I didn’t know I liked. I found out that in order to say whether or not you like a type of food, you must try it 10 times.”

Samuella, “It was amazing. I know if you have a treat you need to try and work off the calories.”

Ciara, “I was shocked to find that a 500ml bottle of Lucozade has 16 teaspoons of sugar in it!”

Daniel, “You would need to exercise for 28 minutes to work off the calories of 169 in a packet of crisps.”

Jayden, “I learned how to make things and I can try and make them at home.”

Here at Cityserve we exist solely to support the nutritional wellbeing of students and we do not make profits from children

  • We adhere to the School Food Plan and ensure all of our food is fresh and nutritious
  • We work with students to understand what they want to eat and make sure that it meets the required standards of school food compliance

By creating healthy, nutritious meals, CITYSERVE is able to positively influence students’ perceptions of food and taste. Healthy eating is a continuous theme throughout all of our menus and we are committed to the wellbeing of students.

Eating in School should be a pleasurable experience; time well spent sharing good food with peers and teachers. Eating a healthy and nutritious meal is important in maintaining concentration and helping to contribute towards an excellent learning environment.