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Congratulations to the Catering Team at Victoria School.

Published: Friday, 6th April 2018

Victoria School

The catering team at Victoria School have received at Special Recognition Award, Congratulations!

Keith Brown, Client Manager commented;

“Working in a Special School like Victoria the catering team requires skill, patience and understanding; they are working with special needs children and putting them at the heart of every decision that is being made. Obviously they manage their dietary needs and I’m amazed how they know each child individually and what their dietary requirements are. They have an excellent attitude towards managing these children with varied disabilities. They even go as far as to tell me of the children’s capabilities opposed to their disabilities. The catering team is like the extended family of the Victoria family, there for the needs and support of these special children.” #allaboutthekids

“Elaine and the catering team will do anything for the children! We have so many different needs for our pupil's medical conditions that making sure everyone is catered for is a huge job. The team just get on with it and everyone is very pleased. Elaine is inviting the Parents to join us for lunch which will be a fantastic amount of work for the team and especially Elaine but it is going to be great! Judi Newman - Victoria School.

Here at Cityserve we feed over 70,000 children within a 90 minute window every school day, and we buy around £12m worth of food every year!

  • We exist solely to support the nutritional wellbeing of students and we do not make profits from children
  • We adhere to the School Food Plan and ensure all of our food is fresh and nutritious
  • We work with students to understand what they want to eat and make sure that it meets the required standards of school food compliance
  • Our flexible menus comply with the Soil Association’s food for life catering mark requirements.

By creating healthy, nutritious meals, CITYSERVE is able to positively influence students’ perceptions of food and taste. Healthy eating is a continuous theme throughout all of our menus and we are committed to the wellbeing of students.

Eating in School should be a pleasurable experience; time well spent sharing good food with peers and teachers. Eating a healthy and nutritious meal is important in maintaining concentration and helping to contribute towards an excellent learning environment.

Victoria School