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Proud to be supporting #VEGPOWER

Published: Thursday, 25th January 2018


Here at Cityserve we seek to prevent childhood obesity and reduce the number of children not eating fresh fruit and vegetables every day.

We know that children that eat better are more able to earn and are healthier happier people and that’s why we are supporting the #VEGPOWER campaign.

Don’t forget to take your picture and tweet! #VEGPOWER

Healthy January stops here as the UK annual fruit and veg marketing budget runs out.

£296.6 million gets spent on confectionary, snacks, fruit, veg and soft drink marketing in the UK each year.  But when was the last time you saw a humble carrot ad? That’s because only 5% of that total is allocated to fruit and veg which means by the 19th January the total commercial marketing spend for fruit and veg could be used up.

To highlight the gap in marketing budgets, renowned food campaigner Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall has joined forces with the #PeasPlease initiative to get a new Veg Ad Fund off the ground to tempt us into eating our veg.

While restricting junk food advertising is critically important in tackling the nation’s unhealthy eating habits, the shortage of commercial vegetable advertising and its potential influence on our healthy food choices urgently needs addressing. A dedicated #VegAdFund, made up of contributions from the Government, retailers and producers would enable vegetables to receive marketing investment that will see veg advertised compete with branded chocolates, fast food outlets and soft-drinks.

Eat more veg!