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Education Catering

Buyers club

At Cityserve, we spend more than £10m a year on food.

This gives us huge buying power and savings on carefully-curated and ethically sourced product lines - savings we share with you.

We buy the freshest seasonal vegetables and produce and source product lines that meet Food for Life standards, are fully traceable and are top quality, including Red Tractor Farm Assurance and Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) compliance.

We pride ourselves on sourcing locally, purchasing within a 30-mile school radius where possible in line Birmingham City Council’s Charter for Social Responsibility. This supports the local economy, ensures freshness and reduces carbon emissions through food miles. A key element of our selection process is how suppliers use collaborative and partnership working practices with local producers to reduce miles. Provenance is important to us, and everything we buy is traceable.

All of our meals are freshly prepared on site. Our menus incorporate cultural needs, taste preferences and dietary needs. All of our menu packs are sent with allergen recipe checklists and your catering team will receive regular training around allergens in our dishes. We also get that vegetables aren’t always children’s number one choice so we’ve come up with tricks and tips to ensure they still get them, whether they realise or not.

Good food equals good mood

Buyers club