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Cityseve Pay


Cityserve Pay is a new cashless payments and pre-ordering system exclusively available from Birmingham City Council’s multi-award-winning catering service, designed to cut costs and administration time for schools.

Powered by sQuid, an FCA regulated cashless payments provider, Cityserve Pay provides a fast and easy way for Birmingham schools to manage catering and other school payments using the sQuid Dinner Money and sQuid SchoolPay platforms.

Making it easy for schools

Cityserve is working hard to ensure an exceptional service and product for schools, whilst helping schools that are hard-pressed with budgets.

sQuid Dinner Money simplifies meal management, and sQuid SchoolPay, the advanced payment platform, efficiently manages school income, trips, clubs, parent communication and school-related bookings.

Schools can partner with Cityserve in public-to-public cooperation without having to go through a formal tender process. With Cityserve Pay, Birmingham schools can take advantage of the benefits that the system provides free of charge*, saving around £5,000 a year in school administration costs.

*Excludes transaction fees and SMS broadcast charges.

Cityserve Pay

Benefits for schools and parents

  • Free for Cityserve schools
    Cityserve Pay is free for schools* and free for parents to use
  • Cityserve is the only social catering provider
    Unlike our private-sector competitors, we don’t make profits from children
  • Hassle-proof switching
    We handle the entire process if you currently use another payment system
  • Innovative income management solution and parent app
    Intuitive system to manage payments for school services and mobile app for parents to make fast and easy payments
  • Interactive ordering
    Whiteboard ordering in class increases meal take up and reduces queue times
  • Good for schools, good for children
    Increased meal uptake increases revenue for schools, and promotes healthy eating
  • Extensive reporting
    Run, access, download and export reports for income collected, dinner money debt, FSM management and much more
  • Saves schools money and time
    Eliminates the need to count, reconcile and bank cash, as all payments are made online. Cuts costs associated with cash handling
  • Good for the environment
    Improves schools’ environmental impact by significantly reducing food wastage
  • Dedicated training and support for all school administrators
    A named account manager for every school, providing full training on how to use all Cityserve Pay services and ongoing support
  • Unrivalled customer support for parents 
    1st line customer support for parents, saving time in your school office

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