Noticeboard: 24 September 2020

This week's Noticeboard includes the Collective Worship guidance and materials, school organisation proposals for Kings Heath Boys' School and Kitwell Primary School, information about HSE spot checks and much more.

Included in this update:

Collective Worship Guidance and Materials for Autumn Term 2020

These materials have been designed by Birmingham SACRE (Standing Advisory Council for RE and Collective Worship) to support primary schools with Collective Worship in the autumn term 2020.

We have used a number of themes to support pupils to reflect and consider the current world and changes in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic. The themes include dealing with change, the role of community, accountability, hope and being thankful. These suggestions can be modified to suit your own setting, in smaller groups or classroom bubbles during this current time.

Each exemplar covers the following rubric:

  • Music or songs which could be used as a stimulus or discussion point
  • A ‘way in’ which might be an idea to discuss or reflect on or an activity 
  • Reference to stories or materials from religious traditions
  • Wording which could be used or adapted as a possible prayer or reflection
  • Other resources that you might find useful

All materials can be accessed free of charge from

Contact: - Contact tel no 07766 923 940

School Organisation Proposals: Kings Heath Boys School and Kitwell Primary School and Nursery Class.

Birmingham City Council, in collaboration with the schools listed below, is proposing the following school organisation changes:

 Any and all interested parties may visit the BeHeard webpages for more information and to submit any comments. Any comments on these proposals must be received no later than 22nd October 2020.

Please contact us if you have any questions or issues accessing the consultation website/materials (

Health and Safety Executive (HSE) spot checks on schools

HSE information regards spot checks is available here: HSE - BULLETIN - SPOTCHECKS or here: eBulletin

The spot checks will be in the form of a phone call to review measures taken to “minimise the spread of the virus causing COVID-19”. They will be looking for assurances around social distancing, cleaning measures and regimes, and awareness and adherence to public health guidance; if contacted by the HSE be prepared to clearly state the measures and risk reduction strategies you are using.

Questions can include the following:

  • Has the school read the DfE/Government guidance/ Public Health Guidance?
  • Has the school undertaken a Covid-19 risk assessment?
  • Who has been involved in writing the risk assessment; have staff, managers and any union appointed representatives had any input?
  • On a scale using never, sometimes, usually and always, are people able to maintain safe distance from one another?
  • How is the school mitigating the risk if they are unable to maintain a 2m distance; with particular focus on physical environmental controls on-site such as one-way systems, separate entry/exit points, staggered start/finish times etc.
  • Class bubbles may also be discussed.

They were also interested in how many staff were employed and how many were on-site. The information provided will be collated by the HSE and if there are any concerns they may decide further intervention is required, which may include a visit to the school. Telephone: 0121 303 2420 - Email: - Website: Birmingham Education Support Services (B.E.S.S.)

Administering the Phonics Screening Check for Year Two

Following the announcement for Year 2 pupils to undertake the Phonics Screening check in the second half of the autumn term, this half-day session, aimed at teachers in Year 2, will look at the administrative arrangements for the Check- how, when and where the check is to be administered.

This course will look at the administrative arrangements for the autumn term Year 2 Phonics Screening Check- how, when and where the check is to be administered.
During the session we will look at the National Guidance materials; consider how the test will be administered as well as looking at important do’s and don’ts for schools. The aim of this course is to:

  1. Provide an overview of the purpose of the Phonics Screening Check (KS1).
  2. Consider what schools need to do to prepare for the check
  3. Provide information on access arrangements for the check.
  4. Outline how the check should be administered and reported
  5. Provide guidance about statutory monitoring arrangements for the phonics check.

The session will also provide information on responsibilities that schools have in terms of administering the check, security of the check materials and marking.
This course is aimed particularly at teachers in Year 2 who have not administered the check in the past or who want a refresher about procedures; it is also appropriate for literacy subject leaders and members of the senior management team. - Contact email address -

Invitation to join the Services For Education Moderation Teams 2020-21 – KS1 & KS2

Services For Education, working on behalf of Birmingham Local Authority to organise, manage and deliver statutory assessment duty, is inviting applications from serving teachers who wish to become a Teacher Moderator for either Key Stage 1 statutory teacher assessments of English reading, writing and mathematics, or Key Stage 2 statutory teacher assessment of writing in 2021.

The local authority has a responsibility to conduct moderation of teacher assessment judgements in 25% of its maintained schools and settings each year and in 25% of those academies, independent and free schools that choose Birmingham as their moderation provider.

Please follow this link for further information and application process.

Contact: 07766 923 204

West Midlands Ofsted Big Conversation

The West Midlands Ofsted Big Conversation has gone virtual. Join us to chat to Ofsted and hear Mine Conkbayir talk on self-regulation. The next West Midlands Ofsted Big Conversation will be held on Tuesday, 3 November 2020 Time:18:30 – 20:30
We are broadly following our usual Agenda with information from Ofsted on the latest developments and updates.

We are delighted to be joined by Mine Conkbayir who will be delivering to us her renowned expert view on self-regulation in early years.
There will be plenty of opportunities for questions to be asked during this webinar and you may submit them during the event via the question’s facility or through chat on the day.
We look forward to an interesting and informative event.

Tickets cost £6.50 and can be booked via the following link
For further information can be obtained from
Sarah Presswood

Teen BookTalk

The Library of Birmingham has launched a virtual book group and podcast for teenagers.

Teen BookTalk is a reading group with two strands. The first discusses an eBook sample whilst the 2nd discusses the whole book. Teenagers are encouraged to join one or both strands. It is hoped that reluctant readers, who would be put off by having to read a whole book will be encouraged to get involved. You can find the first episodes  here.

If they have read, or are interested in reading The Hate U Give By Angie Thomas, The Bunker Diary by Kevin Brooks , Internment by Samira Ahmed , or A Skinful of Shadows by Frances Hardinge, are aged 13 to 17, and would like to take part in future episodes, email the library at  and put Teen Booktalk in the subject line. - Children’s Library at the Library of Birmingham -  Michele Barzey

Wellbeing Youth Forum

The Wellbeing Youth Forum is designed to ensure that young people’s views are being heard and acted upon within the delivery and support provided within schools and the wider community. Alone we do not have the answers, so the importance of hearing the young person’s voice in decisions is key to shaping delivery.

The role involves advising Birmingham City Council to develop, deliver and review their programmes of activities, meeting with officials, councillors and other key figures such as the Director of Education and Skills. The forum will aim to meet every month with young people given the opportunity to complete and co-design sessions with the NHS, universities and other services within Birmingham City Council. 

This youth forum will be made up of 12 young people aged between  12- 18  from across Birmingham’s secondary schools. To apply please contact

The Welsh Rugby Union Exiles programme

The Welsh Rugby Union Exiles programme is designed for all enthusiastic young rugby players of all standards who are 'Welsh qualified' and based outside Wales. There are intentionally only 2 or 3 events per year per age group and a player's school rugby alwaystakes priority. Click link for further information.

All schools outside of Wales are invited to promote the programme by displaying / circulating the attached poster and inviting players to register with the WRU Exiles programme via Various links will then take them to further information. The programme has strong connections with universities in Wales. Should they require any further information, School Heads of Sport or Directors of Rugby are invited to contact me, the Welsh Rugby Union National Exiles Officer, Gareth Davies, via

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