Update for schools: 1 July 2020

This update contains a reminder about the flowchart from Public Health England and the guidance on the reopening of out of school settings.

Flowchart from Public Health England

Last week we shared this flowchart from Public Health Birmingham for schools that sets out how to deal with COVID-19 symptoms in a pupil or member of staff. Please ensure you are familiar with the flowchart and report any positive cases to Public Health England on: 0344 2253560 option 0 option 2.

If you require advice or guidance on Covid-19 issues please review the table below for useful telephone numbers and links:

 Advice/Guidance                                     Contact                          

General Advice:

BCC Public Health Division (using the subject heading ‘education support’)


Public Health England:

Inform Public Health England of all positive cases of Covid-19 immediately

Call 0344 225 3560 option 0 option 2


Ordering Tests:

Contact the NHS website

You can call 119 or visit:


Infection, Prevention & Control Guidance:

  • Cleaning
  • Social Distancing
  • PPE

Please contact -


Occupational Health Guidance Schools should contact their Occupational Health Service provider. If this is BCC you can reach them at Occupational.Health@birmingham.gov.uk
Employment Guidance Pls contact your designated HR lead (either in BCC or external)

Guidance for the reopening of out of school settings

The government’s guidance for the reopening of out of school settings has been issued today and includes guidance for providers and for parents, both links below:

Many out of school settings are expecting to offer services from the end of this week, but there are strong guidelines that will limit the numbers and ages of children that can attend before the end of the summer term 2020. 

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