13 February 2020

This week's Noticeboard includes updated government advice regarding Coronavirus, an invitation to a Birmingham Transport Plan school summit and much more.

Included in this update:

Coronavirus: Updated government advice

The government is monitoring Coronavirus and taking action at home and abroad. The risk to individuals remains low.

Please share the guidance below with your staff and cascade as appropriate. Please display the updated posters in relevant public spaces:

Advice to those who have travelled recently:

Public Health England has changed the advice for individuals who have travelled recently as follows:

Travellers from Wuhan and Hubei Province

If you have travelled from Wuhan or Hubei Province to the UK in the last 14 days you should immediately:

  • stay indoors and avoid contact with other people as you would with the flu
  • call NHS 111 to inform them of your recent travel to the area

Please follow this advice even if you do not have symptoms of the virus.

Travellers from other parts of China and other specified areas

This advice applies to travellers who have returned to the UK from the following areas:

  • Elsewhere in China
  • Thailand
  • Japan
  • Republic of Korea
  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan
  • Singapore
  • Malaysia
  • Macau

If you have returned to the UK from any of these areas in the last 14 days and develop symptoms of cough or fever or shortness of breath, you should immediately:

  • stay indoors and avoid contact with other people as you would with the flu
  • call NHS 111 to inform them of your recent travel to the country

Encouraging good hygiene

As always, if you have symptoms of a cold or flu, then there are measures you can take to stop germs:

  • Always carry tissues with you and use them to catch your cough or sneeze. Then bin the tissue, and wash your hands, or use a sanitiser gel.
  • Wash your hands often with soap and water, especially after using public transport. Use a sanitiser gel if soap and water are not available.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are unwell.

Latest information

Birmingham Transport Plan: School Summit

You are warmly invited to come along and find out more about the draft Birmingham Transport Plan on Wednesday, 11 March 2020 from 10:30 to 12:00 at The Council House, Birmingham. Please register your attendance (up to 5 pupils and 2 members of staff per school) via this link.

Ideally suited to pupils in Key Stages 2 & 3, this event gives you the opportunity to join in the conversation about what we need to do differently to meet transport demands of the future and create a better environment for everyone. The vision for Birmingham’s transport is for a sustainable, green, inclusive, go-anywhere network. Cars will no longer dominate street life and active travel will become the first choice for people making short journeys such as the school run.

The Summit will:

  • Provide an insight into the vision for Birmingham’s future transport network
  • Outline what we are doing to implement “Schools Streets” measures to restrict car speed and access, manage parking around schools and encourage active travel for pupils.
  • Give pupils the opportunity to share their experiences, ideas and ask questions.

Please visit www.birmingham.gov.uk/transportplan where you will find further information and can download the draft document.

Education: Early Help and Safeguarding Newsletter

The next edition of the Education Safeguarding Team's newsletter is now available on the Birmingham City Council website at this link.

Contact: EducationSafeguarding@birmingham.gov.uk

2020/21 Section 251 School Budget Notification

Birmingham City Council plans to publish the individual 2020/21 primary and secondary school budget shares, relating to reception - year 11 provision, including detailed explanatory notes week commencing 24th February 2020. Published alongside this notification is the 2020/21 School Budget Briefing document, which MUST be read in support of the notification and will provide schools with important budget information.

The notification will be published on the Birmingham City Council website at this link.

The document also includes insurance arrangements and charges for 2020/21 and a copyright license factsheet.

Funding allocations for other delegated budgets (Early Years, Special, Resource Base, Post 16) will be published before 31st March 2020.

All notifications may be accessed from this  link when available.

All budget queries should be sent by email to: fairfunding@birmingham.gov.uk

End of Financial Year information for schools

Petty Cash Account Reconciliation 2019/20

Schools are required to complete and submit a reconciled end of year Petty cash return as at 29th February 2020 by 20th March 2020. Available at this link is a document with detailed instructions of how to complete the petty cash reconciliation.

End of Year Procedures for Schools operating the Full Chequebook Scheme

At the end of each financial year, the Chief Finance Officer has the responsibility for preparing the annual accounts for the City Council. Available at this link is a document that summarises the key actions to be taken by schools and changes to the financial procedures for this financial year.

Schools on the Chequebook scheme are required to complete and submit a reconciled end of year Workbook by the 3rd April 2020 (all cheque book schools have already provided the LA with written assurance that this deadline will be met). Schools on the scheme should ensure that the procedures are brought to the attention of all relevant staff and financial providers involved in the closedown process ASAP.

End of Year Procedures for Non-Chequebook Schools

At the end of each financial year, the Chief Finance Officer has the responsibility for preparing the annual accounts for the City Council. Available at this link is a document that summarises the key actions to be taken by schools and changes to the financial procedures for this financial year. Schools should ensure that the procedures are brought to the attention of all relevant staff and financial providers involved in the closedown process asap.

Preparing for the End of Financial Year Closedown of Accounts: Housekeeping Actions

At the end of each financial year, the Chief Finance Officer has the responsibility for preparing the annual accounts for the City Council. Available at this link is a document that summarises the key housekeeping actions to be taken by schools to prepare for year-end closedown process. Schools should ensure that the document is brought to the attention of all staff and financial providers involved in the closedown process asap.

NQT Pool 2020

Birmingham NQT Pool opens 24th February 2020

HR Services for Schools hold a register of NQTs actively seeking their first teaching appointment in Birmingham for September 2020. Schools using the pool will save precious time and money by avoiding advertising, responding to enquiries, and chasing references.

NQTs will be selected by area and phase, with their details provided via a secure email containing application forms and references. The team communicate regularly with teachers to ensure the information available is as up to date as possible, and can also assist with calls to shortlisted candidates.

The charge for this service is £300.To request details or to find out more, please complete the Newly Qualified Teachers Search Form. Access the form via this link.

If you require further information please email nqt@birmingham.gov.uk or contact Kevin Tetley 0121 303 2369.

Secondary - We do also receive applications from Secondary NQTs – if you are looking to recruit for September please contact the team on 0121 303 2369 for further information/costs.

Early Education Entitlement

30 hours places for summer term 2020

For parents to access a 30 hour funded place in Summer 2020 parents must have an eligible code on or before 31st March 2020. Please encourage parents to apply or reconfirm as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. The local authority cannot fund codes that have been issued / reconfirmed on or after the 1st April 2020.

Before you offer a 30 hour place or part of a 30 hour place you must validate the code on ECS to make sure it is eligible for the current term. It is the providers responsibility to confirm eligibility prior to confirming a place with a parent. Further information about 30 hours and validating codes can be found on EYMIS: https://www.ted-birmingham.org.uk

  • Username: PVI2
  • Password: PVI2year

2 Year Eligibility

  • Income Support
  • income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance (JSA)
  • income-related Employment and Support Allowance (ESA)
  • Universal Credit, and your household income is £15,400 a year or less after tax, not including benefit payments
  • tax credits, and your household income is £16,190 a year or less before tax
  • the guaranteed element of Pension Credit
  • the Working Tax Credit 4-week run on (the payment you get when you stop qualifying for Working Tax Credit)

2 year-olds can also get free childcare if they:

  • have a statement of special education needs (SEN) or an education, health and care (EHC) plan
  • get Disability Living Allowance
  • have left care under an adoption order, special guardianship order or a child arrangements order

2 year olds of a Non-EEA citizen who cannot claim benefits may also be entitled to 2 year funding if they are getting support under the Immigration and Asylum Act and have either:

  • claimed asylum in the UK and are waiting for a decision (known as ‘part 6’) - You must view evidence to confirm eligibility - this will be a letter from the Home Office.
  • been refused asylum in the UK (known as ‘section 4’) - You must view evidence to confirm eligibility - this will be a letter from the Home Office and a valid Aspen card.

A 2-year-old  may also get free childcare if the household income is £15,400 a year or less after tax, and they have either:

  • no recourse to public funds with a right to remain in the UK on grounds of private and family life under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights. You must view evidence to confirm eligibility - this will be a letter from Home Office granting leave to remain in the UK together with a biometric residence card. In order to confirm that the income does not exceed the threshold of you must view a P60, Pay slips and a letter from the bank confirming the income.
  • the right to live in the UK because you’re the main carer of a British citizen (known as a ‘Zambrano Carer’). A Zambrano Carer is the primary carer of a British citizen child or dependent adult where requiring the primary carer to leave the UK would force that British citizen to leave the European Economic Area (EEA). Please contact the NEF team for an application form if you have a child that meets this criteria.

Parent Consultation on Childcare

The local authority is going to consult with parents to ascertain their views about childcare in Birmingham. The consultation will include views about full daycare, out of school places, holiday places, Early Education Entitlement places, accessing places for children with SEND etc.

This is an exciting opportunity for parents to have a say about what childcare they need / what they use and we would like you to encourage parents to participate. There will be a survey on Be Heard (www.birminghambeheard.org.uk) that will run from 24th February until 31st March 2020 - we will send you specific details nearer the time.

Please let your parents know that this opportunity is coming so that we can capture as many views as possible.


If you are offering EEE places children should be able to take up their free hours as part of continuous provision and providers should avoid artificial breaks in the day wherever possible. For example, the lunch time hour/session should form part of the free provision where the child is attending a morning and afternoon session. Providers may wish to offer additional hours around the free provision hours, as set out in the model below.

Government funding is intended to deliver 15 or 30 hours a week of free, high quality, flexible childcare. It is not intended to cover the costs of meals, other consumables, additional hours or additional activities. Parents can therefore expect to pay for any meals (but not the lunchtime session) offered by the provider alongside their free entitlement.

Parents can also expect to pay for other consumables or additional activities offered by the provider, such as nappies or trips. Where parents choose to purchase additional hours of provision, consumables or additional activities, this is a private matter between the provider and the parent. However, providers must offer alternative options for parents.

This could include, for example, allowing a parent to bring in their own consumables or a packed lunch, where the meal offered is not suitable for children with specific dietary needs or the parent prefers a lower cost option. Providers should be mindful of the impact of additional charges on the most disadvantaged parents.

Ofsted Early Years Early Inspection Framework roadshow events

Ofsted will soon be running a series of Education Inspection Framework (EIF) roadshows for early years providers. These events will be held regionally across the country, between February and March this year and will offer the opportunity to find out about the key aspects of the EIF. These half-day events will offer the opportunity to learn about early emerging findings from the EIF.

 Two representatives from your provider are welcome to attend each session. Each person attending will need to register separately. Current Ofsted Inspectors (OIs) should not attend this event. Please note that there is no charge for attending one of these events.  Spaces are available on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you are interested in attending one of these events, please register for your place at:

https://ofsted.register-me.uk/landing -  where you will be able to find timings, locations and venue details. When registering for an event, please select the ‘Early Years’ remit and then select your regional location. Please do not hesitate to contact us at events@ofsted.gov.uk should you have any questions.

EYFS Profile Standardisation and Moderation Video

Please scroll to the bottom of the linked page to see a short video on Standardisation and Moderation presented by Serena Caine, EYFS Education Adviser

Interim Writing Moderation at KS2 – For Teachers New to Year 6

This course will provide an early opportunity for Year 6 teachers to review writing evidence against the 2019 KS2 teacher assessment framework standards to inform next steps in the teaching, learning and assessment process. During the full-day course, participants will gain:

  •  Peer moderation and review of writing across all standards awarded within the national teacher assessment framework
  •  An understanding of what constitutes independent and effective evidence to ensure consistent and reliable teacher assessment judgements
  •  An opportunity to reflect on necessary next steps and opportunities needed to ensure a robust end of key stage teacher assessment process

More information is available via this link.

Family Forum Meetings Spring 2020


Supplier for office removals

Please note Movecorp Limited are no longer a provider for the provision of office removals. You may continue to use Harrow Green Limited | 0121 326 0810 | www.harrowgreen.com

You can view the contracted suppliers on the Birmingham Education Support Services website at this link.

A Day at the Zoo

Join musicians from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire for an interactive Children’s Concert themed around a day at the Zoo. Designed for ages 6-8 but all ages are welcome!

The concert will explore a range of music, from opera to Disney, and will include a narration of The Star of the Zoo with musical accompaniment. During the concert children will be introduced to the different instruments.

Wednesday 19th February 2019, 2.15 – 3.15 pm
Library of Birmingham
Children’s Library – Story Steps
Free / drop in - https://www.birmingham.gov.uk/events/event/2622/a_day_at_the_zoo_childrens_concert_at_library_of_birmingham

Junior Peacemakers workshop for primary schools

A free Junior Peacemaker Workshop for primary schools.

Monday 16th March or Monday 30th March 2020 9.30 am - 2.30 pm.

This workshop is for four KS2 pupils and two members of staff from each school. There is no cost to attend.

Together we will look at the headlines and different views around climate to understand why Climate Change is now being called a Climate Emergency. We will take some time to step back and focus on how we are affected by the headlines and how they affect others. We will look at ways of responding, with words and actions, to bring about positive change in our schools and communities.

Refreshments are provided, please bring your own lunch.

To book your place: office@peacemakers.org.uk

Free cycling activities taking place during the half term break

Free British Cycling Go Ride sessions are taking place during the half term break. These are open to children of all cycling abilities up to the age of 16. These sessions will support those new to pedaling to those who think they’re going to be the next cycling superstar!


Sara Park
160 Herbert Rd
B10 0BR

Monday 17th February
Tuesday 18th February 
From 1.00pm until 3.00 pm

Matt Blythe 07786932887 or mattblythe@britishcycling.org.uk
Calthorpe Park Wellbeing Hub
Calthorpe Park
Edward Rd
B12 9LF
Tuesday 18th February
Thursday 20th February
From 1.00pm until 3.00 pm
James Anderson 07342037662 or jamesanderson@britishcycling.org.uk

BBC Gardeners World School Growing competition

Services for Education have linked with BBC Gardeners’ World again to create two (free) competitions for schools to show off their growing talents.

School Wheelbarrow Competition - Around the World in 30 Barrows

This competition is a simple, hands-on and fun gardening activity open to Infant, Junior, primary and Secondary schools (including special schools) using the theme of - Around the World in 30 Barrows. School groups are encouraged to look at flora and fauna, garden styles, national heritage, architecture, cuisine and cultures from around the world, ultimately picking one country to be the inspiration behind the design and planting of their wheelbarrow. Be creative and colourful with your barrow, maybe taking inspiration from the country’s flag as a visual cue, creating a potted tribute to your country of choice. School groups are encouraged to grow plants from seeds or cuttings where possible. The barrow design can be supported by the creative use of props.

The deadline for applications is 28 February, with briefing session on 5th  March, 4pm at Winterbourne House and Gardens

EYFS Useful Planters Competition 

After the success of our BBC Gardeners’ World Live Teapot Plantpot competition in 2019, we’re thrilled to launch the 2020 competition, with some fresh new elements.

The “Useful Planters” competition is a gardening competition for Early Years nurseries, pre-school settings and reception classes and is devised to complement the EYFS Statutory framework.

The task involves the children sourcing a reliable vessel to use as a planter as well as selecting the plants they would like to grow in it. The idea being that the vessel selected relates to the use of the plant they are growing.

For further information on the two free competition and to download the application forms go to Gardeners World section on https://www.servicesforeducation.co.uk/health-for-life/ or contact Sandra.passmore@servicesforeducation.co.uk

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