Noticeboard - 9 March 2023

Welcome to this week's Noticeboard which contains information on Bring it on Brum! Spring 2023!, Access to Funding for Ukrainian Pupils, the Senior Mental Health Lead Training DfE Grant, Dates for SEND Tribunal Training, and more!

Bring it on Brum! is back for Spring 2023!

Spring Holiday Clubs

Bring it on Brum! is running FREE activity clubs in Birmingham for those aged 4-16 who are eligible for benefits-related free school meals. Clubs will run for 4 or 8 days during the spring (Easter) school holidays; Monday 3rd to Thursday 6th April and Tuesday 11th to Friday 14th April 2023.

Each child is eligible to attend a maximum of 4 sessions during the spring school holidays.

Activities include sports and games, arts and crafts, cookery, dance and music. Programmes will vary depending on the type and location of each local club, but every day there will be a nutritious meal served up for free!

Parents/carers will be able to book spring holiday clubs from Monday 13th March 2023 at: The website will be updated regularly as new providers are confirmed so if they can’t find a suitable holiday club straight away, encourage them to check back regularly.

Can’t attend a face-to-face holiday club?
For families with children who are not able to access face-to-face holiday clubs, activity packs are also available for the spring school holiday. Packs are available for primary or secondary age, based on one per eligible child.

Families can register for a free spring activity pack from Monday 13th March 2023; registrations close on Wednesday 22nd March 2023 or as soon as all activity packs have been allocated.

More information on the activity packs and how to register can be found at:  

Booked but can’t attend?

During the 2022 programmes, there were a number of non-attendees. If parents/carers book an activity for their child/ren and they can no longer attend, they should please contact the provider to cancel, so the space can be given to another child.

For any queries or further information please contact:

Access to Funding for Ukrainian Pupils

We are aware that a number of schools in Birmingham have one or more child/ren on roll who have arrived via the Government’s Homes for Ukraine Scheme.

As you may be aware, the Government has committed to providing additional funding to councils to provide education and childcare services for children from families arriving from Ukraine under the Homes for Ukraine scheme (only). The DfE has allocated funding, pro-rata on a per pupil basis for the 3 phases of education based on the following annual rates:

  • Early years (ages 2 to 4) - £3,000
  • Primary (ages 5 -11) - £6,580
  • Secondary (ages 11-18) - £8,755

These tariffs include support for children with special educational needs and disabilities.

The funding can be spent on supporting the individual child/children in school. This could include:

  • purchasing a tablet/laptop;
  • purchasing school uniform;
  • purchasing travel passes;
  • activities that support the child to adapt and integrate into the school environment. such as language software, games, toys, textbooks and other learning resources; or
  • additional learning support e.g. one to one interpreting for the children and in some cases to support the parents e.g. interpreters for one to one meetings/parents evening.

Our records show approximately 180 pupils who have arrived via this scheme are on roll at schools in the city and a further 20 who have since left schools in the city. We have only received claims for 70 pupils so far.

How to claim the funding:

In order to claim the funding, please complete the online claim form here: Homes for Ukraine School Funding Claim Form

On receipt of the form, the information will be validated by the Council’s Homes for Ukraine education officers and will then be forwarded to our finance department. The payments arrangements will be in accordance with how you are normally paid by the Council whether through physical payments or journalled to our cost centre.

Please ensure the allocation is entered onto the School Financial System for the 2022/23 financial year. Both Chequebook schools and non-Chequebook schools should treat these funds as a School Budget Share addition. Academies, Free Schools, and Full Chequebook schools will receive a BACs payment and remittance for the above amount.

Please note if the child concerned has left or leaves the school before completing 1 academic year, you will need to notify BCC and you would only be entitled to a proportionate amount. For those that have already left, please indicate on the claim form and your funding will be adjusted accordingly.

Should you require further information or have any queries, please contact the Education Infrastructure team at

Senior Mental Health Lead Training

Did you know the Department for Education is offering a grant of £1,200 for eligible state-funded schools and colleges to train a senior mental health lead?

The grant will support your education setting to develop and implement a strategic whole college or school approach, supporting you to promote children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing.

Don’t Miss Out! Click here to claim your grant now — it only takes 5 minutes!

The grant can also be used for supply cover should you need to backfill your mental health lead whilst undertaking training.

Find a course that meets your needs & claim your grant for 2022/23 in three simple steps:

  • Step 1: Reserve the grant – Over 100 DfE quality assured courses to choose from
  • Step 2: Choose and book your course – Beginner, intermediate and advanced courses, delivered online or face to face
  • Step 3: Upload evidence of your booking to secure payment – Online tools to help you select the right course for you and your setting

Are Your Parents Eligible for Tax Free Childcare?

Working parents or carers can receive up to £500 every three months (up to £2,000 a year per child) or if their child has a disability, they can receive up to £1,000 every three months (up to £4,000 a year per child) to help with the costs of childcare.

Parents can use Tax-Free Childcare to pay for before and after school clubs, holiday clubs and play schemes as well as Nursery, Childminder or Nanny fees.

Most schools in Birmingham are already signed up to be a Tax Free Childcare provider but it’s easy to  check by visiting – up to tax free childcare

Encourage take-up of Tax Free Childcare by:

  • Finding out the families in your area who are not using Tax Free Childcare and support them to understand its benefits and how to apply for it
  • Updating your website with information about Tax Free Childcare, and including links to useful information:

For any queries or further information, please contact:

SEND Tribunal Training

SENAR are pleased to invite you to attend ‘SEND Tribunal Training’ on either 26 April or 5 May 2023.

This training will be delivered via Teams by Kate Harvey, Head of SEND Resolution. Each session will cover the legal framework regarding EHC needs assessments and EHC Plans, the SEND Tribunal process, and guidance for schools involved in Tribunal appeals. This training would be ideal for all school staff involved in Tribunals such as headteachers, senior leaders and SENCOs.

The sessions will be recorded and materials shared after the event for those who cannot attend. Further sessions may be arranged, subject to demand.

Book your place now by simply clicking on your preferred date below: 

The appropriate meeting links will be sent to attendees in advance of each session. 

Early Education Entitlement (EEE)

2 Year Funded Places

2 year old children from families who have No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) may be eligible to access an EEE place. As these are some of our most vulnerable children, your help to ensure they can access their funded childcare place as soon as possible is hugely appreciated. The earliest they can start is the term after their 2nd birthday.

Parents who have a status of NRPF cannot claim any benefits, so will not be eligible for 2 year funding via the universal credit route or other benefit route. These parents may be receiving support under Section 17 of the Children Act 1989, they may be asylum seekers, they may be here on work or student visas, or may have no immigration status.

If a family, or a professional supporting a family, approaches you for a childcare place, please help them to complete the on-line application, if they haven’t already done so. The eligibility application will report that the parent is not eligible because they won’t appear in the benefits system, so please  do the following:

  • Read the NRPF guidelines on EYMIS.
  • Ask the parent or professional to provide evidence that they have ‘No Recourse to Public Funds’ – this could be a Biometric Residence Permit (card) or a letter from a Social Worker supporting the family.
  • Ensure the family does not exceed the financial threshold – £26,500 for families with one child or £30,600 for families with two or more children. They must not have savings or investments that exceed £16,000.
  • Complete the application form on EYMIS with the parent, and keep the form on file for audit purposes.
  • Once it has been confirmed that the family meets NRPF criteria, email their code and we will update the code to eligible.
  • Add the child to your headcount claim or if they have never accessed a funded place before and headcount has passed, submit a flexible funding request arranging for them to start as soon as possible.
  • Complete a parent declaration form.

For any queries, please contact the Early Years team:

30 Hours Places for Foster Children

Foster parents can apply for 30 hours extended entitlement for their 3 and 4 year old foster children, if they are in paid employment outside of their foster care role.

These applications cannot be made via the usual route of the Childcare Choices website and have to come directly to the local authority. The foster carer or social worker should email for an application form. The Social Worker and Birmingham Virtual School Advisor have to be in agreement that the application is in the best interests of the child.

The same deadlines apply – they must have a code by 31 March 2023 in order to access 30 hours from April 2023 for Summer term. If you are aware of any looked after children that might be eligible for 30 hours extended entitlement please signpost them to

As with all 30 hours codes you will still need to validate the code on ECS before agreeing the 30 hours start date. Please do this by entering the code on ECS and check the validity start date to ensure it is eligible for the current term:

Further information regarding 30 hours and validating codes can be found on EYMIS:

  • Username: PVI2 (please note this is a capital i not the number one)
  • Password: PVI2year (please note this is a capital i not the number one)

For any queries, please contact:

Parental Declarations

For Summer 2023 term children need to be in attendance for headcount day as per the terms and conditions of funding detailed in the EEE Provider Agreement in order for you to receive funding.

The Provider Agreement states: 2.32. The Provider must ensure that a parental declaration is completed in English for each child entitled to an early education entitlement place. If a parent is unable to understand what they are declaring or agreeing to, the provider should provide the appropriate translation support. If this support is not available the provider must contact requesting the appropriate support . A parental declaration must be signed, fully completed or updated for each term the child is in attendance at a provider, even if there is no change. The parental declaration form will confirm when a parent is using multiple providers to access their entitlement. Providing the parental declarations confirm that the parent is receiving their eligible entitlement, funding will be split and paid in accordance with the signed parental declaration forms.

Parental declarations must be signed at the start of every term by both parent and provider. Please note that children must be in attendance on or before headcount date in order to claim a funded place for Spring term. If children don't start with you until close to headcount date, please ask whether they have visited / attended / signed up to another setting before coming to you. If they have, please check that they have informed the other setting that they are not going back, and they are aware they may have to pay fees to the setting they are leaving. Duplicate claims will be investigated and may mean that the funding is split between providers.

Please ensure you include any eligibility codes and complete the schedule of planned attendance, this provides a clear picture of what hours and days the child is attending, the start date for each term, and if they attend more than one provider. This also shows if children stretch their provision over more than 38 weeks of the year. For 30 hour parents who use two providers, it is also really important to state who the Universal provider is, this must be the parent's decision.

Please complete the parental declaration form with your parents – it is an opportunity to get to know parents and an opportunity to have conversations with them about whether they have registered at another provider, you can then discuss the implication of funding and the potential costs for parents and the provider involved in duplicate claims.

Remember to keep your parental declarations as they may be required for audit purposes. You can use your own parental declaration, but it must include at a minimum all the information in the BCC parental declaration. You can find blank parental declarations and an example of a completed one on EYMIS:

  • Username: PVI2 (please note this is a capital i not the number one)
  • Password: PVI2year (please note this is a capital i not the number one)

For any queries, please contact:

Free School Meal Claims

Do you claim Free School meals for eligible early years 3 and 4 Year olds?

In order to claim Free School Meals for eligible 3 and 4 year olds you must be delivering their funded place in line with the terms and conditions of funding which state: To access a FSM the child must be attending their EEE funded entitlement for a minimum of 5 hours during core hours (9am to 3pm), and parents/carers must be in receipt of specific benefits.

You must complete an eligibility check so that you have an eligibility code. Please note that the checker cannot always confirm that the child is eligible, so in this instance if the parent believes that they are eligible, you should view evidence of eligibility and contact us to let us know. We can then override the code to eligible.

Eligibility checks can be completed here:, and can be done on behalf of the parent with their permission.

For any queries, please contact:

New Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

We’re pleased to introduce the NEW Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) in partnership with Sodexo/CareFirst.

This new partner organisation continues to offer the same invaluable EAP help and support, with even greater benefits.

Staff currently receiving treatment with our previous provider, Vita Health, will continue on the agreed treatment programme until completion, and all future communication with Vita Health will be redirected to Sodexo/Care First.
Sodexo/Care First provides confidential, impartial advice and support 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, including:

  • Confidential help and guidance 24hrs a day, 365 days a year
  • In the moment advice and support
  • Up to 6 counselling sessions / per issue / per year - this also includes Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) if indicated, delivered by British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) accredited counsellors
  • Support service for Managers and Employees
  • Counsellors with debt advice training
  • Critical Incident trained counsellors
  • Short Term focussed support model
  • Citizens Advice help
  • Online Information and Webinars
  • Online chat function
  • Budgeting Calculator

For schools who currently subscribe to the EAP service, please visit for usernames and passwords.

For schools who do not subscribe to the EAP service but would like further information, please visit Birmingham Education Support Services

Please direct any queries to:  

Safer Recruitment Course

Friday, 19 May 2023: 09:00-16:00 – Services For Education, 3 Holt Court, Holt Street, Birmingham B7 4AX

This full-day course, delivered by accredited Safer Recruitment Consortium trainers, enables schools to meet statutory requirements and to improve processes that help deter, reject or identify people who might abuse children or who are otherwise unsuited to working with them and identifies ways settings can create safer environments with a culture of vigilance.

To book your place simply follow this link

For queries or further information please contact:

Former Education Secretary Labels Birmingham Careers Fair 'Truly Inspirational'

On Tuesday 28th February the Arthur Terry Learning Partnership (ATLP) hosted its annual careers fair, with special guest, Baroness Nicky Morgan in attendance.

Baroness Morgan, Chair of the Careers Enterprise Company (CEC), joined hundreds of students from 10 schools across the partnership, as they engaged with almost 100 exhibiting organisations including multinational organisations, local businesses, universities, apprenticeship programmes and other providers.

Baroness Morgan’s visit was arranged by Birmingham Careers Hub, which is funded nationally by the CEC and locally by Birmingham Education Partnership and delivers careers support to more than 100 schools and colleges across Birmingham.

After speaking with some of the 230 visiting professionals from organisations such as HSBC, EY, Aston Villa, Network Rail, the NHS and the Royal Marines, the former Education Secretary declared the record-breaking school careers fair as ‘truly inspirational’.

During the day Baroness Morgan participated in a special round table discussion with Arthur Terry students and heard how the school has helped them connect with employers and embark on their own individual career pathways. In response to her meeting with the young people, Baroness Morgan said: “I was also hugely impressed by the students, and the amazing variety of things that they are doing to explore the world of work and employment. And that’s the point, because work in the 21st Century offers varied and exciting opportunities for young people, and this school captures that.”

She added that the work that ATLP is doing around careers provides an example that other schools could aspire to.

So how did ATLP become so exceptional in the delivery of its careers provision?

Alex Zarifeh, Director of Careers & EPQ commented: “the world of work is a prominent part of a [student’s] time at secondary school. The success starts with the support of our leadership group.” Alex observed that this was ‘really pushed’ by his designated Enterprise Coordinator, Jackie Plimmer from Birmingham Careers Hub.

Alex commented further on the ongoing support he receives from Birmingham Careers Hub, “having our Enterprise Coordinator (Jackie Plimmer) come in every half-term keeps me on my toes! The online resources are great but having that regular, physical contact is the essence of our success.”

Reflecting on the day Jackie Plimmer, Birmingham Careers Hub Enterprise Coordinator, stated: “I am honoured to have been on the journey with Arthur Terry and supporting them to develop such an outstanding programme of careers education. Hearing first hand from the students today and seeing the difference it is making to their lives was heart-warming, inspiring and made me proud beyond belief.”

Ruth Broome, Strategic Hub Lead added: “We work consistently hard with Careers Leaders such as Alex to support them to implement a world class careers provision so that their students can take their best next step once they leave education. Seeing this in action today at Arthur Terry School is hugely rewarding for us as a team as it proves that the service we provide is making a tangible difference to the young people of Birmingham.”

Headteacher of The Arthur Terry School, Samantha Kibble praised the work that Mr Zarifeh and the Careers Hub had done, commenting that the school’s recent ‘Good’ Ofsted grade had been strongly bolstered by its coherent, progressive and embedded careers programme.

The Birmingham Careers Hub helps foster high quality careers education by “bringing lots of organisations together in a focussed and co-ordinated way for young people”. The Hub currently supports more than 100 secondary schools and colleges in the city, driving progress against the Gatsby Benchmarks, so that every young person can achieve relevant, positive and sustainable destinations and access to a meaningful future.  

Critical to their mission, is support the Hub receives from Birmingham employers who help bridge the gap between the world of work and education, working with the Careers Leader and wider senior leaders of the school or college to create opportunities for young people.

If you are a careers lead seeking support in delivering a robust careers provision or an employer who understands the value of helping young people access the world of work, visit the Birmingham Careers Hub website for more information.


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