Book of Memories

Birmingham's memories of COVID-19

Birmingham has experienced difficult and emotional times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but as a city we are coming out of this crisis stronger, as our local communities have worked together to help make a difference.

Birmingham’s book of memories is designed to help us remember all aspects of the city during these unprecedented times and to be thankful for the good that has been brought into our lives.

We know the devastating impacts the pandemic has brought to our lives, everyone in the community has been affected in some way by COVID-19. This is a space where you can remember, whether you have lost a loved one and want a space to share their lives and the impact they had on the world or a neighbour has gone above and beyond to help you. This virtual book of memories is here to help, we want to hear your stories.

Fill in the details below with your name and your story in the comments section. Your memories will then be posted below for everyone to see and read your COVID-19 memories, stories and tributes. These will eventually be turned into a hard copy and be kept in the Birmingham City Council archives.

All comments submitted will be moderated before publishing, so please ensure you have permission to post before sharing any content on this page.


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