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Birmingham Workshop

Birmingham, The Workshop of the World. (2016). Edited by Carl Chinn and Malcom Dick

This recently published text is a collection of twelve essays by esteemed historians and researchers covering the history of this diverse and protean city - commencing with an essay on the peoples who have made Birmingham their home over time and concluding with a composition exploring how the city will continue to adapt to change in the future. In between, the reader can feast on a wide range of topics including Birmingham’s medieval heritage along with how the city came into its own during the industrial revolution and was often referred to as the workshop of the world or the town of a thousand trades.

This well researched series of essays is liberally punctuated with relevant illustrations and diagrams and I would recommend the collection to anyone wanting to find a springboard into exploring the complex and rich history of the city. In some ways, it complements Chris Upton’s seminal work on the history of the city - A History of Birmingham first published in 1993 and the book has a fitting dedication.

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Article posted on 27 February 2018

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