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Science Fact or Science Fiction?

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Below are just some of the books we have exploring Science Fiction or is it Fact in films and books.

The rough guide to sci-fi movies - Scalzi, John

The author explores our fascination with space exploration, time travel, fantastical worlds and alternate futures and explains the cultural roots of the modern genre. He includes a film canon from 'Metropolis' to 'Star Wars', '2001' to 'Alien', classics from Mexico, Russia and Japan and anime movies.

Science fiction, the illustrated encyclopedia - Clute, John

For a huge and devoted science-fiction audience around the world, news of the most wide-ranging visual reference work ever is a landmark publishing event. Here, the vision of 2 centuries of science-fiction writing is recorded in all its forms.

Sci-fi chronicles a visual history of the galaxy's greatest science fiction - Haley, Guy

The ultimate guide to the infinite variety of the science fiction multiverse. What links Stingray to Space: 1999 ? Which superstar director had a hand in *batteries not included ? Who was Pierre Boulle and how did he spawn one of Hollywood's greatest franchises? All the answers, and much more, are revealed in Sci-Fi Chronicles . From Barbarella to Blade Runner , this comprehensive guide to science fiction explores the creation and evolution of the genre's greatest creations

Blueprint for a battlestarserious scientific explanations behind sci-fi's greatest inventions - Pyle, Rod

Blueprint for a Battlestar takes twenty-five remarkable and memorable technologies from the world of sci-fi, from Star Wars and The Matrix to Ironman and The Terminator, explaining each concept and dissecting it to reveal the real science behind it.

100 science fiction films - Grant, Barry Keith

Since the birth of cinema, filmmakers have produced visions of other worlds, fantasies of travel through space and time and nightmares of alien invasion. This guide takes the reader on a journey through this ever-popular genre, introducing 100 films from a wide range of historical periods and national cinemas.

Article posted on 4 June 2019

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