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Deep End by Sam Hutton reviewed by Ramiah

This book is about a 16 year old girl called Maddie Cooper who is gunned down with her family. Her mother died, her father was put in a wheelchair and Maddie suffered a bullet wound to the hip. Almost a month later she walks into the police station on her birthday for work experience. She meets two trainees called Alex and Danny. They feel they are onto something, but will they survive?

Now for some facts about the trio. Alex is a strong, quick-thinking guy who always has a plan, Maddie is a fantastic actor and dancer who never lets her hip get her down and Danny is great at with computers and he can make micro-chips and bugging devices to keep tabs on people. Together they managed to fool five adults.

In conclusion, it’s a great book and I would give it a 4 star rating and an age recommendation of 10 years and over. This is a superb book.

Dave’s Rock & Dave’s Cave by Frann Preston-Gannon reviewed by Philippa (Children’s and Music Team)

Dave is a cave man and both stories are written in stone-age speak. This combined with the expressive pictures make for sweet, fun stories that both adults and children will enjoy. We certainly enjoyed doing these stories at our Saturday Story Time for children.

Dave’s Rock is about Dave, his rock, his friend John and John’s rock. Each tries to find who has the best rock & learn an important lesson.
Dave’s Cave is about Dave, Dave has a very nice cave, but Dave wonders if there is a better cave somewhere else. So he goes to find it & learns an important lesson.

Bicycle Safety by Sue Barraclough reviewed by Nathan

I liked the book because it teaches me to ride my bike safely. It helps me to remember riding my bike safely. When I ride my bike I need to make sure that I have a helmet. If I don’t I could hurt my head if I bump into something by accident. Also before riding my bike I learned that I need to make sure that I wear appropriate clothing. My bike is appropriate to my size. I like riding my bike in a park where it is safe to have lots of fun!

Puzzle for the Secret Seven by Enid Blyton reviewed by Gopal

This book is about a house that burnt on fire, inside the house was a violin. The boy that lived in the house escaped from the burning fire. The boy’s dad wanted to please his son, one night the boy’s dad was walking at night and saw a violin in the shop. He thought it was only a few pounds and threw a brick and stoke the violin. The Secret Seven hear a violin in the night and they think it is the boy’s dad who stoke the violin. George and Colin see the man’s clothes, it was the same clothes that was in the caravan, that the boy’s dad lives in. They find the stolen violin in their pram and return it.

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