Summer Reading Challenge 2020 - Autumn

A poem about Autumn for National Poetry Day 2020


Autumn is one of my favourite seasons. Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy the warmth of summer but finding refuge from the humidity of a British heat wave can be a desperate task!

For me (perhaps with rose tinted specs) autumn conjures images of a bright blue sky on a cool, crisp morning, the crunch of the ever changing leaves underfoot (my son loves to wade through them with his wellies on and we’ve learnt from experience to be cautious of what lies beneath!), not forgetting cosy cuddles under a blanket whilst we settle down to share a story or watch a film.

In a nod to National Poetry Day 2020 here is an apt poem by Charles Ghigna titled A Fall of Colours:

I like sunshine.
I like trees.
I like dancing
In the breeze.

I turn orange.
I turn brown.
I go sailing
To the ground.

I am crispy.
I can crunch.
I get raked up
In a bunch.

I get stuffed
In scarecrow sleeves.
My friends and I

Birmingham Libraries hold a vast amount of poetry. If your local library is open for browsing, poetry books are located in the Non-Fiction (Information) section under Dewey 821 or in a dedicated poetry collection. At The Library of Birmingham and a number of Community Libraries, you can browse our catalogue and place a request for items via the Order and Collect Service

Which words, sights, smells, feelings do you associate with autumn? Perhaps you could have a go at writing your own acrostic poem. If you write the topic word vertically, you can then find words or phrases that relate to it. Here is an example:

Trick or treat
Usually wet and windy

With gloved hands and our wellies on, I’ll be embracing my inner child with my son. Happy leaf kicking!

Article posted 27 October 2020

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