Summer Reading Challenge 2020 - Reading that inspires

Be inspired by books

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I read a book with the title “Lulu Loves Stories" by Anna McQuinn. In the story, Lulu hopped and skipped with excitement on her way to the Library every Saturday with her Daddy. Lulu loves reading and has fun becoming a new character every day. Each day her Dad or Mum would read her a story and the following day Lulu would act out the story in her playtime with her friends.

It reminded me of myself as a young girl in Jamaica. I was not able to take books home, so on Saturday mornings, I would make sure to do all my chores, walked to the library and would spend all afternoon reading. I loved reading and still do. Would you believe it, I now work in a library with thousands and thousands of books around me? Which books inspire you to keep reading?

Some silly things to do after reading a book:

  • Re-tell the story as a play, dress up in silly costumes, and act it out in a silly and fun way.
  • Be a stand-up comedian and tell silly jokes about the characters in the story


Article posted 7 July 2020

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