Summer Reading Challenge 2020

Where do you read your Silly Squad Summer Reading Challenge books?

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I hope you’ve all been enjoying reading for the Summer Reading Challenge this year. I know I have. It’s a bit different this time and instead of working in the Children’s Library at the Library of Birmingham, I’ve been working from home. Many of you will probably have been at home too. This got me thinking about all of the different places you can read, and really you can read almost anywhere…

Many people read in bed or have a bedtime story. This is where I usually read before I go to sleep. I have read in a car, on a train and on an aeroplane. Very occasionally, if a book looks really good, I’ll have a quick look before I put it back on the shelf at work. The garden is a good place to take a book and I’ve seen people reading as they walk down the road (much too dangerous!) When my sister was young, she would often make a den next to the radiator behind the sofa so no one could find her and she would read for hours!

We have thought of our top 8 silly places to read a book:
1. On top of a mountain
2. Inside a whale
3. During a church service
4. While driving a car (very dangerous & illegal!)
5. Underwater
6. On top of a chimney
7. In a library
8. On top of a potters’ wheel

Where is the silliest or most unusual/imaginary place you have read or listened to a book or magazine?



Article posted 30 June 2020


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