Membership Terms and Conditions Updated

Membership is free and you can join at any age.

Membership is free and you can join at any age. You do not need to live within Birmingham to have a Birmingham Library membership. You can use your Library card at any Library within Birmingham Library Service. Some of our services may have restrictions e.g. only accessible from within a Library or require a Birmingham address.

As a library member

Managing your membership

You can access your account at any time by logging into your online account via the Library catalogue. You will need your Library card number and PIN. You can see when your membership is due to expire. It will list when items are due back, the status of any reservations and you can renew your items. You can also check your account at any self-service Kiosk. If you are issuing or returning an item at a Self-service Kiosk then retain the receipt.

You are entitled to one library card

To be able to use the Library e.g. borrow books or use the computers you will need to have your card number and PIN. We would always recommend you bring your card with you as you may require it to access some services or provide it as proof if you have a query with your account. Due to Data Protection Regulations staff cannot provide your card number or PIN without ascertaining proof of identity and where appropriate proof of address. Do not allow your library card to be used by anyone else. If you lose your Library card or it is stolen then please inform us as soon as possible. There is a charge to replace a lost card. Do not attempt to re-join the library by filling in the online registration form.

Ensure your membership details are up to date

To ensure that we hold up to date membership details all cards expire after a set period of time depending on the borrower category you have been assigned. If you try to take out or renew an item that will be due back after your card has expired the transaction will be blocked. To find out when your card expires please check your online account. On expiry of your card we will check your membership details and you will be asked to provide proof of address. If you change your personal details then please let us know as soon as possible. Some changes e.g. email address can be made via your online account. To update your address then please take your card and proof of address to a Birmingham Library.

Any items borrowed should be returned back on time

If you select to receive notices via email a courtesy email will be sent out 7 days before an item is due back. It is important that you know the date your items are due back and return them on time. You can return items to any Birmingham Public Library. You will have to pay a charge for items brought back late (if you are receiving any benefits you may be eligible for concessions). Excessive fines will block your access to Library services. Under 18’s do not pay for fines. If you return an item late via a self-service Kiosk you will need to log into your account to see any charges incurred. If you have overdue items then any fines incurred will not be fully calculated until the item is returned or renewed.

You can renew an item up to a maximum 3 times unless:

  • The item has been reserved.
  • You have fines on your account which have blocked your card.
  • The card is due to expire before the return date.

When renewing allow enough time before the item is due back in case it cannot be renewed. You can select to receive notifications via email or SMS. If you select to have notices via email you will receive a courtesy reminder 7 days before your items are due back. We cannot offer this facility if you select SMS. If you have selected to receive notices either by email or SMS then if you have overdue items then you will receive a notice when they are 14 days overdue, then 28 days overdue. You will also receive a notice when any reserved items are ready for collection.

Be responsible for all items borrowed on your library card

You will be charged for items that are lost or damaged. If you have lost or damaged an item please talk to a member of staff as soon as possible. If you have a query with any items on your account then please ensure you contact the Library from which you borrowed or returned them as soon as possible.

We have updated our Membership Terms and Conditions and a full copy can be downloaded from the website.

Article published 15 July 2019

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