Lighting up the library for World Parkinson's Day

Tuesday 11 April 2023

Image for World Parkinson's Day

On Tuesday evening the exterior facade of the Library of Birmingham will be lit up light blue in support of World Parkinson's Day 2023.

The Parkinson's UK website states:

"World Parkinson’s Day takes place on 11 April every year to raise awareness of Parkinson's.

Living with Parkinson's is tougher than people think. But it doesn’t define you. You are still you. You can still do amazing things in spite of Parkinson’s.  Parkinson’s is different for everyone. Different symptoms, different experiences. Diagnosis is scary and there’s currently no cure. Living with Parkinson’s can be challenging but one thing stands out. The Parkinson’s community is bright and brilliant.

Each of you will find your light in your individual ways. Maybe it's trying to see the funny side. Fighting back against a condition that feels like it's taking over your body. Finding new ways to keep doing the things you love. Or simply getting through a bad day, and hoping tomorrow will be better. Parkinson’s is the fastest growing neurological condition in the world. Everyone has their own set of symptoms and deals with them in different ways. Everyone reacts differently to getting a diagnosis. Some people want to join a support group, learn tai chi, abseil down a building. Some people really don't!

This World Parkinson's Day, we're celebrating those moments of laughter and light that lift us up. That person who's always there for you. A new challenge that you’ve faced head on and overcome, or found a different way around. Sharing experiences with a community who get it, because they're going through it too. Not just on World Parkinson’s Day. But every day."

Please visit the Parkinson's UK website for lots of information and support.


Article posted 6 April 2023





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